Thursday, March 22, 2007

* via kathleen:
The difference is that it takes 60 votes to PASS a bill that an antiwar Dem proposes.
It takes only 41 votes to STOP a funding bill that Bush proposes.
I hope you will sign and circulate the petition widely.

* josh has the video of Blinky(!) yelling about his 'reasonable proposal' re the PerleHarbourDay massacre. what a maroon.

* a highlight (3 min vid) for your dirty effing atheists out there: "A Magic Man Done It"

* via Raw:
"Media reports from Turkey appear to confirm weeks of rumours that Turkey is moving forward with its long-planned invasion of Northern Iraq. The Turkish Military, by far the most powerful in the Middle East, has cancelled all leave and has moved "additional forces" up to Iraq's northern border. The target of the presumed invasion will be the 'outlawed' PKK, otherwise known as the Kurdistan Workers Party.

Turkey's chief concern is that the PKK will move across the border, via mountain passes, when the current snow and ice blocking the paths melts as Spring begins.

The PKK wants an independent Kurdistan nation, primarily in northern Iraq, with the oil-rich city of Kirkuk as its capital, but with territory swallowing up land now under Iranian, Syria and Turkish control.'


profmarcus said...

fix your link to filibuster for peace... this is how it appears right now...

lukery said...

thnx, fixed

rimone said...

'magic man' is a pisser, ty, Lukery.