Monday, March 12, 2007

the impeachment trial of Alberto Gonzales

* krugman (thnx jen):
"You also have to wonder whether new signs that Mr. Gonzales and other administration officials are willing to cooperate with Congress reflect the verdict in the Libby trial. It probably comes as a shock to realize that even Republicans can face jail time for lying under oath.
Was Ms. Lam dumped to protect corrupt Republicans? The administration says no, a denial that, in light of past experience, is worth precisely nothing. But how do Congressional investigators plan to get to the bottom of this story?
In other words, the truth about that “overblown personnel matter” has only begun to be told. The good news is that for the first time in six years, it’s possible to hope that all the facts about a Bush administration scandal will come out in Congressional hearings — or, if necessary, in the impeachment trial of Alberto Gonzales."

* scott horton interviewed Robert Mueller:
"John Mueller, professor of political science at Ohio State University and author of Overblown: How Politicians and the Terrorism Industry Inflate National Security Threats and Why We Believe Them and this great Foreign Affairs article, discusses the bogus “Real War on Terror,” the Fear Industry (public and private) and the waste and violations of rights that go along with them."

* arkin:
"Hey, Libby broke the law; I'm not making light of that. But Wilson got more than his 15 minutes, a book contract and lots of air time. Armitage slithered off to consulting and lobbying where gossip is monetarily rewarded, awaiting his next government posting.

This is Washington.

* fp:
"The days of the mainstream media being hands off when it comes to Gonzales are over. If more evidence of unethical and potentially illegal actions comes to light, Gonzales may have little choice but to resign. And that would make all the hype over Scooter Libby look pretty silly.

* beeb:
"A Swiss court has convicted a Turkish politician of racial discrimination for denying that mass killings of Armenians in Turkey in 1915 amounted to genocide."


«—U®Anu§—» said...

McClatchy Newspapers has been vigilant in its reporting of the fired prosecutors story. This morning the White House admitted Karl Rove served as a conduit for complaints prosecutors weren't throttling democrats and ignoring republicans as a means of influencing the last two elections, among other things. What won't these pigs do?

Anonymous said...

Gonzales should be water boarded, which he claims is not torture, until he admits that he is an illegal alien, then he should be shipped back over the river to Mexico, where he can be extridited by the International Criminal Court, tried, and hung for his crimes against humanity.