Thursday, March 01, 2007


Scott Horton interviewed me about the Sibel case. 50 mins. The sound quality isn't great - but we covered a lot of the relevant ground.


mysonjj111 said...

WOW!!! You really opened my eyes to the truth. Now what can we do to turn tide of the neocon military industrialist terrorist financing heroin drug-dealing minority. Please advise!!


lukery said...

GP - glad you liked it. As i mentioned in the interview, we'll have some action items next week - stay tuned!

lukery said...

btw - i'm working on a transcript of the interview - it should be ready soon

rimone said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Lukery. downloaded last night but couldn't comment (no word verification to verify) and still haven't listened but i will ASAP. i'm sooo proud of you. *hearts*

noise said...

Great job Luke.

LeeB said...

What Noise, Rimone, and GP said!
Terrific job. :-)

.. . although you should tell everybody that I'm not just a ditzie blonde when it comes to putting you on the map. Okay?

Okay. ;-)