Friday, March 16, 2007

KSM declared Jihad on Christmas

Oldschool on KSM:

...the Pentagon also redacted a section in which Mohammed confesses to...

1. creating the "giant wind machine" which caused Hurricane Katrina

2. planting a certain blue dress which caused a spot of trouble for Bill Clinton

3. rigging the vote on 'American Idol'

4. robbing a liqor store in Butte Montana - just for the hell of it

5. being a big fan of Fox News

6. killing Jimmy Hoffa and putting a contract out on Jack Bauer of "24"

7. declaring Jihad on Christmas

8. that no one in his organization can translate the "English" of George W. Bush

9. hiring Mary Matalin, only to fire her the next morning when she appeared without makeup

10. that his secret hero is - Dick Cheney.


noise said...

Must dispute #9, Matalin WITH makeup is pretty damn scary.

Sadly, I think the "powers that be" are having the most laughs. They are the ones who have foisted this absurdity on the public and pretty much gotten away with it.

noise said...

BTW, funny list Oldschool.

I must admit the jokes ring hollow for the most part because it's obvious that the public is being played for suckers and the consequences are tragic.

lukery said...

i'm so glad i'm not james carville