Friday, March 16, 2007

ksm: not entirely credible

* here is a very strange AP 'article' on KSM. read it and tell me what ya think.
"Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's capture four years ago didn't shut down al-Qaida or bring the Americans to Osama bin Laden. But if his mega-confession is to be believed, his arrest was a crushing blow to bin Laden's plans for even more deadly attacks in the wake of 9/11."
"In his testimony to a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, released in redacted form by the Pentagon on Wednesday, Mohammed claimed involvement in 31 attacks and plots. Some are almost surely true."
"He "sang" to interrogators almost from the start, after his March 2003 arrest at a house outside the Pakistani capital. Much of the information in the 26 pages of released testimony has been long known."
"But nobody knows for sure. Mohammed's knowledge now is dated. And clouding the picture further is the view, widely held especially in the Islamic world, that his confessions are not entirely credible _ either coerced by American captors or exaggerated by Mohammed himself, in the hope of carving out a place in the pantheon of terror."


noise said...

What strikes me is the fact that Congress and other US politicians and officials have been so insulated from accountability that they don't have to defend the strange circumstances of the high profile al Qaeda detainees' military tribunals.

lukery said...

it's bizarre, isn't it.

even the MSM is ahead of the Dems.