Thursday, March 15, 2007

more Sibel (if you squint)

* larisa on MEK:
"There is one group, however, which has both the ability and very little oversight to engage in these types illegal actions fully in directing it, allocating funding, and so forth. That group would be the same group that funneled arms sales to Iran and made friends with the MEK during the first Bush (and Cheney) administration.

The National Security Council, which has as one of its main current members, the gentleman who orchestrated Iran Contra, Elliott Abrams. This is who I believe is actually running MEK operatives, and why not, the elder Bush pardoned Abrams the last time around. Forget impeachment, we have a felon funneling money to terrorists, embezzling our tax dollars, knowing full well that his actions are illegal. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy would normally be called treason. In Cheney-Abrams world, it is called profit.

I might also add, that MEK lobbyists own some Republican members of Congress, who despite their support for the war on terror, seemingly act as though MEK have been victimized by a wrong placed label.

How many lives have to be lost before a label can officially be affixed? Is one life enough? 22? How many? In any case, it is not hard to find out who these members of Congress are... just follow the stench of amnesty bills sponsored by the House of Saud.

Between AIPAC, the ATC, MEK, Saudis, Pakistan, etc., buying our Congress outright, is there anyone left who actually is owned by the people who pay their salaries or to the country they take an oath to defend? Is there any member of Congress literally "made in America?""

* AP:
"The House Wednesday pressed forward on bills to open government records to the public and protect whistle-blowers, brushing aside White House warnings that the bills faced opposition and in some cases a veto.
The White House also issued a veto threat on the whistle-blower bill, saying it was unconstitutional and could compromise national security."

* mizgin:
"Eric Edelman says that PKK is trying to destabilize "The Southeast" and "create civilian victims." Create civilian victims? Hmm . . . not really. It's the US itself which is trying to destablize "The Southeast" and "create civilian victims" by its billions of dollars of arms sales to a country that is well-known world-wide for its atrocious human rights record. It was all those American arms that helped to make the murder of 40,000 Kurds possible, and its sales of more of those arms that is the reason for the US rejection of the ceasefire.

What's in your portfolio, Mr. Edelman? Quite a bit of LMT? Hey, aren't you named in some of those wiretaps that Sibel translated?

Inquiring minds wanna know."
* i've posted a primer by Bill Weaver on the State Secrets Privilege and it's abuse in Sibel's case at Let Sibel Edmonds Speak.

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