Sunday, March 11, 2007

On Bush and God, Poor God

* kathleen:
"On Bush and God, Poor God. he and Scooter get to be Fall Guys."
lol. ain't she a treat.

* taibbi:
"What we have to remember about America's half-baked propaganda machine is that, dumb as it is, it always keeps its eye on the ball. The war in Iraq is lost, everyone knows that, but there are future wars to think about. When a war goes wrong, the reason can never that the invasion was simply a bad, immoral decision, a hopelessly fucked-up idea that even a child could have seen through. No, we always have to make sure that the excuse for the next war is woven into the autopsy of the current military failure. That's why to this day we're still hearing about how Vietnam was lost because a) the media abandoned the war effort b) the peace movement undermined the national will and c) the public, and the Pentagon, misread the results of the Tet offensive, seeing defeat where there actually was a victory.

After a few decades of that, we were ready to go to war again -- all we had to do, we figured, was keep the cameras away from the bloody bits, ignore the peace movement, and blow off any and all bad news from the battlefield. And we did all of these things for quite a long time in Iraq, but, maddeningly, Iraq still turned out to be a failure."
* jay rozen on the libby trial:
"The political press supplemented FDL quite well, I thought."
lol. perhaps i could live-blog the sibel hearings...

* religion: "the tragedy of human cognition."

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