Sunday, March 25, 2007

palo verde on sibel

Palo Verde at LibertyPost offers her take on Sibel's case, which is pretty good, if slightly partisan:

"so the #3 guy in our State Dept (Marc Grossman) worked for Turkish crime organization and US State Department at same time

no wonder there is nest of traitors in our State Dept now
Marc Grossman probably hired them when he came on board
and slick willy is the one who put Marc Grossman in the State Dept

a picture is starting to emerge

slick willy has long history of working with gangsters
going back to his Arkansas days
I'm sure then they were just local Dixie gangsters

probably Turkish gangsters are the top of the food chain
that is where heroin, money laundering,
selling illegal armaments,
selling stolen US defense intel on black market to highest bidder
all intersect

the traitors and criminals in our government now don't work for a foreign government
they work for international gangsters

and since I think those behind 9/11 were international gangsters
for me it makes a whole picture

slick willy is Head of the Dem Party
no way will the Dem Congress now have open hearings about Sibel Edmonds' allegations

the only one who offered Sibel Edmonds tangible help was Senator Grassley, a Republican
he got her family over here from Turkey when Turkish gangsters were going to retaliate against them for Sibel outing their spies at FBI (and DOD)

Senator Grassley intended to turn the FBI upside down to find out what was going on over there
but when push came to shove those who work for and with international gangsters have penetrated our government too deeply
no one will touch them now

the military industrial complex is locked into it
because Turkish gangsters control Turkish government
and Turkey buys our armaments
our Congress gives Turkey the foreign aid to purchase US armaments

so the Turkish gangsters have two businesses going
their legit biz, buying US armaments for Turkish gov.
and their black market activities:
heroin, money laundering, selling stolen US Defense intel on black market, selling illegal armaments on black market

in USA the ATC seems to serve both these purposes
the deals between the military industrial complex and Turkish gov. are made there
and the black market deals are made there too
the reason ATC has to have traitors in State Dept, DOD, and FBI
is for their black market activities

because the military industrial complex gravy train has gone on forever
there is nothing new there
what is new is the collaboration with gangsters

the kicker of course is that stolen US Defense intel, illegal armaments, smuggled nuclear material
are sold on black marke to highest bidder
including terrorists
and all our wars now are supposed to being fought to stop terrorism

which actually makes the solution very simple
we need someone in the White House now
who will stop the wars
stop money for the military industrial complex
stop foreign aid

that will separate gangster activities from military industrial complex

our Department of Justice may be more willing to prosecute traitors in our government if they are not locked up with military industrial complex

so the solution is to elect Ron Paul President
since he is the only one who will say no to the military industrial complex"
"it was easier having a clearer picture at first
when the only evidence Sibel gave was traitorism and criminality
but then she wrote that extraordinary article
about what really goes on with military industrial complex
it was a great exposé
however I didn't see anything criminal in it
because all the money which fell into the greedy hands came from our Treasury
it perfectly illustrated how they have a lock on emptying out our Treasury into their greedy hands
and after I read it I understood the military industrial complex runs our foreign policy
because our foreign policy is the engine to all of this
it supplies the M.O. for it

but the nexus between military industrial complex and our government isn't really new
Ike warned about it
Sibel explained all the ins and outs, the key players, and how it works
it became clear the bonanza is our Treasury
they want to get their hands on those gazillion dollars
and they do

gangsters enrich themselves from black market activities
dealing drugs, money laundering, selling illegal armaments and stolen US Defense intel on the black market

those in the pay of gangsters have infiltrated our government
and some like Marc Grossman work both sides of the fence

how is it that a traitor and criminal like Major Douglas Dickerson of our Air Force just got promoted
and continues to work with Top Secret clearance
same with Sibel's boss at FBI
and same with how many others we don't know about

when you think Sibel recognized no more than 10 names in the FBI wiretaps she translated
why would all 3 Branches of Government cover up for them?

unless they are so tightly knotted in with military industrial complex

because clearly no Branch of Gov. is going to take on the military industrial complex
both Parties and most Members of Congress are in bed with military industrial complex
they are part and parcel of the gravy train

that's why the only solution I see now is to elect Ron Paul President
because he will stop the military industrial complex gravy train

and without the military industrial complex gravy train
the criminals and traitors in our government stand alone
is our whole government going to go to bat for them?"

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Anonymous said...

Clinton is a piker compared to the Bush family when it comes to dealing with criminals. That palo refuses to acknowledge this should give one pause.

As for "international gangsters", I'd start with Americans first, particularly those from the state that got Bush elected --Florida. Instead of focusing on the Sicilian variety, though, consider the financial side of organized crime--those involved in money laundering. Close scrutiny at the banking and real estate interests that formed Jeb's base of support in his quest for governorship is in order.

Who initially supported Jeb in his run for governor? Of particular interest should be the non-profit foundation he started prior to becoming elected. (Some of the very same people keep showing up in the oddest places -- the Palm Beach recount, FEMA after 911, ICE, possibly during the House of Death incident.

Madsen has reported that Jeb had "ties" to Centrust, the failed S&L in Miami. Try pulling on that particular string.

Why is Mel Sembler, a Florida developer, so devoted to the Libby cause?

I highly recommend a relatively new blog called Eye on Miami. It should be a daily read.