Saturday, March 17, 2007



I was watching Brit Hume, and Krauthammer and Barnes etc were repeating, repeatedly, the 'of course people wanted to know who sent Wilson to Niger' nonsense.

We know that Wilson previously went on CIA missions to deal with nuclear matters . My question is: How many people were desperate to know who sent him on the previous trips?

And more broadly: Is there any other trip, by anyone, that anyone can point to where 'Of course people wanted to know who sent the representative?'


noise said...
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noise said...

I wonder who made the decision to send him. He may be qualified but with such high stakes why didn't the CIA send an actual intelligence official...perhaps a team of intelligence and operations agents?

Is it possible that someone at the CIA set up Wilson? Who would do such a thing? A Cheney/PNAC loyalist.

noise said...

Too farfetched? Perhaps. But the Repubs (and neocons) have think tanks whose job is to think of stuff like this.

The other thing is 9/11. Meaning, one must consider whether certain CIA officials were following a different agenda. Could the same faction have helped the White House expose an intelligence front that had the goods on some high ranking US officials?

lukery said...

Noise - I've tried 'gaming' a number of similar scenarios, but couldn't make anything stick.

one thing to remember, the niger/iraq claim was widely regarded as nonsense from the beginning. I think plame's 'pitch' to wilson was along the lines of "there's this "crazy story"... can you go chek it out?"