Sunday, March 25, 2007


in a few days, i'll be taking a couple of weeks off for a holiday.

the usual suspects have the keys to the blog, and hopefully will be posting here, as their time & inclination permits.

Miguel has the keys to the KTM blog and Let Sibel Edmonds Speak and will let you know if anything important happens on that front (and he'll cross-post here, or at least let you know that there is some news on those other blogs.)

If you are looking for me, I'll probably be here

or here

or thereabouts.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

I always thought I could find the angle and news value of a situation and turn it into an interesting story. But, next to Luke, I'm less than a pathetic beginner. I'll try to make better contributions this time, as Luke pursues the sensible work of beach habitation. If I had any sense, I'd be on the beach as well.

I have a couple local stories in mind which most people probably don't understand, but reach to the heart of the basic political struggle in the world lately. If the news doesn't pick up, perhaps I'll torture everyone with them. Let's hope there's news, because I'm sick of thinking about these two stories and don't really care to write about them.

LeeB said...

Luke! Did you check in with HR about these plans?? I thought we already gave you some vacation time . . . ?! ;-)

Mr. U, your posts are never torture. Besides, at the rate the cabal appears to be disintegrating, I suspect there will continue to be news.

lukery said...

uranus, hopefully the national & international news will quiet down to nothing and we can all find time to write about kittens and such.

LeeB - I spoke to HR, and they helpfully informed me that in Australia, workers get 4-weeks paid annual leave every year - which is actually a raise for me!

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Yes, there's a cat story, and you really had to do your homework to know that! However, I just learned half our city council and the mayor are facing an election April 3, so there is more homework to do and that story is on hold. Both stories are about hate-driven laws intended to cause death, and lots of it. I need a lawyer for the other one. Janet is about to move, so she may be indisposed.

Outside I have the largest winter cleanup of the landscaping I've ever encountered. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the endless, exceptional drought persists, so it isn't accompanied by dense overgrowth which is always possible but won't happen this year. I need some expensive, heavy equipment I've toyed with acquiring for a dozen years, and if I get it this year, I'll be far too sick with remorse to care about other people's problems. I can hire some illegals, but will despise that choice. It's urgent business I've postponed--which proves once again, hard work and diligence may pay off someday, but procrastination always pays off right now.

lukery said...

as we say, don't put off tomorrow what you can put off today...

rimone said...

have a great time, Luke. x

lukery said...

thnx rimone.
i'll miss you!