Sunday, March 18, 2007

surprise! more sibel.

From pdaly in the comments:
"Watched several times last night the tape of Valerie Wilson's appearance in front of Waxman's committee this past Friday. It was refreshing to hear her speak with authority and blow out of the water all the Republican talking point lies. Hoping Sibel gets her day in the sun, too.

With Kalid Sheik Mohamed's confessions dragged out as 'headline news' this past week, I can imagine only news of capture of Zawahiri or Bin Laden himself will be necessary to compete with Sibel's appearance."
sweet! sibel will get credit for nailing Perle AND Osama!

* Veteran FAA agent Steve Elson has sent out a great release demanding hearings into Sibel's case. I've posted it at Let Sibel Edmonds Speak.

* Mizgin:
"In the last week, Luke Ryland from the Land Down Under, has been working like a horse to get the word out on Sibel Edmonds' story, in light of a newly released official complaint against the US government's use of the State Secrets Privilege to silence FBI whistle-blowers.

This new complaint is another piece of documentation that corroborates Sibel's credibility on the whole Deep State mess in the US, and can be added to the credibility given to Sibel's claims by a Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General report from January, 2005. Shortly after the OIG's report, the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) filed a motion calling for an open and public hearing of Sibel's case, noting that the DOJ had been so afraid of Sibel that it had attempted to retroactively classify information pertaining to Sibel that had been widely disseminated on the Internet for two years.
Luke was one of the very few people who actively helped to spread the word about the Ralston conflict of interest last October and November. Being so familiar with Sibel's case, he saw how Ralston and the Kurdish situation fit into the bigger picture. It is that bigger picture that maintains the status quo which, in turn, maintains the severe repression of the Kurdish people under Turkish tyranny.

Explaining the bigger picture (and why it matters) is the point where Luke's work over the last week or so becomes brilliant. In distilling Sibel's--and related--information, it becomes clear that the nexus of Deep State evil in the US lies in the American Turkish Council (ATC). Because Luke's work is brilliant, and because he has stolen entire posts from me in the past without permission (!!), I'll do him one better here by stealing two of his posts, one for today and one for tomorrow. Today's theft is made possible by Wot Is It Good 4"
heh... steal away! Read the rest, as always.

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