Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There is no A-List.

* emptywheel:
"We can say one thing for this President. He has launched civil wars on at least two continents. But whether it's among the Republican party or in Iraq, civil wars are dangerous dangerous times. If the Democrats are smart, they may do well out of this strife. But that doesn't undermine the danger."
* waxman to Gen Hayden:
"To help the Committee understand these issues, I request you provide to the Committee copies of the CPD reports officer's memorandum and any other records containing information concerning Ms. Wilson's role in Ambassador Wilson's February 2002 trip to Niger. I also request copies of all other documents relating to any efforts to correct inaccurate information included in the Senate Report regarding Ambassador Wilson's mission to Niger."
Ouch. EW has more. (and she's back blogging up a storm today. yay.)

* larisa:
"Why is most terrorism committed by far-right extremists and yet the left and even the center are always being watched, attacked, and so forth? It has amazed me how little interest anyone in power who claims to love democracy has in fascism or militarism, or any form of authoritarianism."

* canon has more on gwb43.com. FTR, way back when Rove et al found their 400 emails, I posited that perhaps they had a non-official email channel.

* taibbi:
"I'm no big fan of the Democratic party. I think they pussyfoot about key issues like the war and they whore for their campaign donors almost as much as the Republicans. And their ethics and procedural reform to date isn't something to write home about. Even Barney Frank conceded on the House floor: "[Diaz-Balart] is right about one thing. He chides us for setting the bar too low. We only promised to do better than they did, and we met that standard with ease. But we should do better.""
* copyblogger via gapingvoid:
"Spoon boy: There is no A-List.

Blogger: There is no A-List?

Spoon boy: Then you’ll see, that it is not the A-List that holds you back, it is only yourself."
so there.

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