Thursday, April 19, 2007

10 Good Things About the Bush Administration

* Ironic Times:
10 Good Things About the Bush Administration

1) Has caused many Americans who don’t normally follow public affairs to pay closer attention.

2) We’ve learned a lot about habeas corpus, including how to spell it.

3) Know more now about the complex interaction between money and politics.

4) Crash course on military science in asymmetrical warfare.

5) Chance to reevaluate the world press, compare and contrast with ours.

6) Fresh look at words like "accountability," "responsibility."

7) Fresh look at phrases like "enemy combatant," "classified information."

8) Extended experiment showing the effect of religious faith on science, government.

9) Test of our system of laws when put under extreme pressure by lawbreakers in the highest levels of all three branches of government.

10) General excitement about the yet-to-be-answered question, "Can we survive a direct assault by our own leaders on our liberties?"

* ken:
"Here's a story that looks like something of a blockbuster: The Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK), an Iraqi-based Iranian opposition group, is considered a terrorist organization by the United States. Any American supporting the group can be charged with a crime. Yet the MEK “gets protection from the U.S. military despite Iraqi pressure to leave the country,” and “regularly escorts MEK supply runs between Baghdad and its base, Camp Ashraf.”"

* cnn (4/06/07):
"The U.S. State Department considers the MEK a terrorist organization -- meaning no American can deal with it; U.S. banks must freeze its assets; and any American giving support to its members is committing a crime.

The U.S. military, though, regularly escorts MEK supply runs between Baghdad and its base, Camp Ashraf.

"The trips for procurement of logistical needs also take place under the control and protection of the MPs," said Mojgan Parsaii, vice president of MEK and leader of Camp Ashraf.

That's because, according to U.S. documents, coalition forces regard MEK as protected people under the Geneva Conventions."

* IronicTimes:
"REMINDER: We're living in the golden age of Constitutional crises."


Enlightenment said...

The U.S. has been supporting the M.E.K. for a long time, ever since the schism between M.E.K. and the rest of the Iranian fundamentalists. The M.E.K. is the polar opposite of the S.C.I.R.I.; during the Iran-Iraq war, the M.E.K. sided with Saddam and took refuge in Iraq; the S.C.I.R.I.(Iraqi Shiites beholden to Iran) sympathized with Iran and were driven from Iraq and took refuge in Iran (and since the U.S. toppled the Baath Party government S.C.I.R.I. is back in Iraq and operating as Iranian surrogates). S.C.I.R.I. wants an Islamic fundamentalist Iraq and despises M.E.K. There is a strong possibility that M.E.K. are the ones responsible for blowing up the beloved mosque in Samarra, widely held to be the spark that turned Iraqi sectarian violence from an occasional thing since the invasion to a daily occurance since the Samarra bombing.

The U.S. is also funding and directing another terrorist group in Iran, the one responsible for the occasional bombings there which Iran always [correctly] blames on American meddling, which of course is discounted in the mainstream press here, but the U.S. has since admitted to directing them, probably admitting it as a provocation to the Iranians in their ongoing campaign of sabre-rattling.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago there was a rally in DC by some Iranian freedom group that included some MEK people.
John Bolton spoke at the rally and shortly after serveral congressmen and senators(sorry, don't remember the names) purposed a bill to take the MEK off the US terrorist list.
Let's face it, the people we need to fear are in our own goverment.

lukery said...

Thanks E.

Larisa has been all over the MEK story.

Your 'other terrorist group' - is that PJAK?

lukery said...

thnx anon.
Let's face it, the people we need to fear are in our own goverment.

indeed, indeed.

Enlightenment said...

Yes, PJAK is the one. I couldn't remember their name but you are correct.

Enlightenment said...

Another good thing about the Cheney-Bush regime:

11. It has almost certainly ensured that nobody with the name Bush will ever get "elected" to the presidency again. That's probably the real reason George H.W. Bush burst into tears while making that speech last year. He claims it was just because he was reflecting on how Jeb Bush lost his initial bid to be governor of Florida but I don't buy it. I think he was crying about the almost certain end of the "Bush dynasty".

lukery said...

E - from CNN today:
" Former President George Bush told CNN's Larry King Monday that the electorate may be experiencing "Bush fatigue."

And it may be the reason his son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is sitting out the 2008 presidential election, the 41st president said."