Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Conservative Defense Alliance

There's a new group called the American Conservative Defense Alliance
"The American Conservative Defense Alliance (ACDA) is dedicated to advancing a national security and foreign affairs policy based on America’s founding principles. The ACDA will carry out its mission through education of the American public, of advocacy groups, of the media, and of Congress regarding a traditional conservative defense and foreign policy strategy. It will also support legislation that puts into practice the foundational principles of our Constitutional Republic and will oppose any legislation or policies that are contrary to those principles."
Staff includes Michael D. Ostrolenk, Larry Madison, Jesse Benton, Philip M. Giraldi, and Doug Bandow. I'm promoting them because of their solid pedigree, and not because they are featuring an interview I gave about Sibel's case on their front page. honest.


profmarcus said...

the name is very misleading... the very first thing that came to mind when i read your post was pnac... however, perusing their site, i'm encouraged, particularly after following the links to the "working for the clampdown" article... interesting find...

lukery said...

prof - i'm very happy to see Giraldi and Ostrolenk working together.