Thursday, April 26, 2007

emptywheel on Bloch/Rove

* emptywheel is somewhat confused about the Bloch/Rove investigation. who knows what is going on here?

earlier posts from EW on this. yesterday:
"In other words, I'm guessing part of the game here is precisely the scope. By treating these discrete complaints as one larger investigation, Bloch has managed to pull in perhaps the most dangerous aspect of all this, the RNC emails, and put them into an investigation with no consequences.

Even if his office does carry out a fair investigation, which I doubt."
Meanwhile, don't miss this post by EW where she quotes Kagro X:
"I guess I'm trying to figure out how the outward appearances would be different if the OVP were actually the seat of an espionage ring."

at this point, let me repeat what Josh said earlier:
"After half a decade, the verdict is pretty clear: President Bush has been the biggest ally Osama bin Laden has. He's helped bin Laden at pretty much every turn -- even if only by his own stupidity, incompetence and cowardice. And when the next big terrorist attack comes, we can thank President Bush for helping make it happen."
to paraphrase KagroX:
""I guess I'm trying to figure out how the outward appearances would be different if the WH were actually the seat of an espionage a terrorism ring.""

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

It's more than infiltrating every office and agency, and more than rigging the process so completely that they can't lose. An episode of PBS's Independent Lens about the collapse of Enron made a statement that caught my attention. There were so many players cooking the books, they began to believe the blame was distributed, and no one was wholly to blame, and in time, no one at all was to blame; in effect, they began to believe they could do no wrong. When you get to that point, you just do whatever you like and everything you can imagine, and nothing is wrong or against the law. In my opinion, that's the thinking of a three-year-old.

As you recall, Enron and the Bush adminstration gave each other a helping hand continuously until Enron vanished.

At the end of the program a minister said he's still counseling people who lost their investments, and that it was really true that you can gain the whole world and lose your soul. (My stepmother lost a large amount of money invested in Enron.)

lukery said...

thnx Mr U - fp'd

Anonymous said...

This investigation is no more than a smoke screen .