Monday, April 16, 2007

The first parts of the Plan

* xymphora on Clean Break (again):
"The first parts of the Plan are to break up Iraq, break up Lebanon, and attack Syria. If you get confused by Iran talk, you’ll miss what they are really up to. The Plan hasn’t been going all that well. Iraq isn’t breaking up, Israel was defeated in Lebanon, the Americans didn’t take the bait last summer and attack Syria (representing the awakening of the American Establishment to the fact their government was being run by traitors like Abrams), the Saudis have belatedly woken up to the fact that Israel is not their friend and the Americans are out of control, and the current Zionist attack on Syria has had the unwanted effect of reconciling Syria with the Saudis...
Despite all these setbacks, the Washington neocons know only one thing, and continue to follow the Plan religiously.

I find it amazing that Americans still continue to resist the idea that their government is under the control of Zionist traitors, particularly given that the ‘Clean Break’ document, being obsessively followed by the people who wrote it like Perle, Wurmser, and Feith (note in particular the actions of Feith in creating a complex system of lie creation and dissemination which led directly to the attack on Iraq he advocated, but that Israel could not possibly have done, in the ‘Clean Break’ document!), constitutes one of those extreme rarities in conspiracy theory, a full written confession of the complete details of the conspiracy, a document which is still being followed in Washington by the actual conspirators who wrote it!"

* more xymph:
"The Iranians know what I’ve been saying for months and months and months, that the talk of a war against Iran is an American bluff. The Iranians intend to drive a wedge between Tony and the neocons, and are succeeding brilliantly. By the way, those American troops supposedly massed on the border of Iran . . . the charge of the light-headed brigade? The Americans don’t seem to mind losing 3,000 soldiers one-by-one, but I think even they’d notice 3,000 all at once.

Meanwhile, the Arabs now are starting to feel comfortable that their old friends in the American Establishment – you know, the guys that Noam says rule the world – are starting to pay attention again and are actually ruling the world. We’re seeing the neocon-realist war in Washington played out with a new courage to speak the truth in the Middle East. Elliot Abrams and David Wurmser, blood dripping from their fangs (I know people don’t like this way of putting it, but considering the mass slaughter and suffering for which these ghouls are personally responsible, a little blood on the fangs doesn’t do them justice; I won’t sacrifice truth on the altar of political correctness, and if the Zionist apologists don’t like it they should stop abetting murder), must be screaming in anguish. Someone is telling the Arab leaders that they are in a position to dictate a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians which would mean the end of Zionist dreams of an Israeli empire. That encouragement must be coming from very high in the American Empire (higher than Bush, who’s being embarrassed, and put in his place, by an unheard of snub). Never fear, Zionists! We will no doubt soon see a baffling ‘Palestinian’ attack on Israeli civilians just in time to stop the Zionists’ biggest nightmare, peace. []
Don’t count the four horsemen of the apocalypse out just yet, but realism and intelligence are breaking out all over. I thought this interview (see also here) with Prince Hassan Bin Tallal to be particularly inspiring. It often seems that the Israelis can manipulate the Arabs at will, but the Prince reveals a complete understanding of the situation, including Israel’s efforts, following the ‘Clean Break’ paper, to break the Middle East up into tiny states through constant war so Israel can have its empire (if only Americans had the courage and intelligence to see how the Clean Breakers infiltrated the American government to achieve Israeli extremist goals!). The only weapon against Zionism is an understanding of the truth!"

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