Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm an a-unicorniologist

* from the comments elsewhere:
"By the way, I don't really like the very term "atheist" because it's just too freakin' pretentious. Pretentious on the part of religious people, who just assume there is something we have to deny.

Whenever somebody asks me if I'm an atheist (not many people have done that, admittedly, here in CA not many people ask that), I'll say that I'm an atheist in the same way that I'm an a-unicorniologist and an unastrologer. And if they're religious I'll call them a-nought-ologist. (I don't really, but it'd be fun if they could get the point.)"

* glenn is having a fund-raiser:
"Time constraints are the principal impediment to my working on more issues and stories (as but one example, I was able to arrange -- but due to time constraints was simply never follow through on -- interviews with the key figures in the House of Death story I wrote about back in November and which I still believe merits significant attention). There are all sorts of matters which I think would be fruitful to pursue but cannot due to time constraints, and having someone assist with research and similar matters will be invaluable. I also want to do much more original reporting, interviews, transcriptions and the like, all of which require some assistance and some modest funding."


Miguel said...

I hate the word 'atheist'. In the future, when people ask me my religious beliefs, I will just quote a line from one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs, "I don't trust in nothing, but I know it come out right".

That says it all for me. I have no idea what the ultimate source of the Universe is. I just have a certain faith that there is an "order" that we can't see, smell, say or touch. I refuse to call it "God", because then I will be going down the path of 'organized religion'. Organized religion, IMHO, is all about politicial control.

Is there something beyond our senses? I believe, 'Yes'. But can I find out about 'it' by going to church? For me the answer is 'No'

lukery said...

perhaps the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a nice encapsulation of the unknown-ness, and the silliness