Sunday, April 15, 2007

i'm back.

i'm back.



rimone said...

YAY! pictures please.

btw, thanks for putting me back on your contributors' list. funny thing is, my blogger page (if you click on amerikan psycho) doesn't have WIIGF on it, nor my homepage nor any other info.

i went into blogger help but it wasn't helpful at all.

ps, pix please, yes i know i sed that already, lol.

profmarcus said...

yes, pix... i inferred from your pre-departure post that you were headed to taz, yes...? no...?

i just rolled in to miami from buenos aires and am stuck here until tuesday because my plans changed and i arrived without an onward booking... ah, well... what's a couple of days in the northern capital of latin america, anyway...?

Miguel said...

I'm a bit jealous of you. I sooo much want to live the ex-pat life. My wife is from a tropical paradise island and we own a house there. A new Club Med is being built just a couple of miles from where this house is. I would love to do nothing more than live out there and blog all day: and maybe write a book or two.

The problem is we just bought a house here in the states and we are tied down for the immediate future. Plus my wife has a pre-existing medical condition, and if we ever left here, it would be hard to come back because of the health insurance.

I REALLY wish we had universal health coverage in this country. I've given up on that, though.

lukery said...

Rimone - actually, i didnt remove nor put you back on that list. the flying spaghetti monster did it.

i'll post some pix shortly-ish.

Prof - yep, Tas. I'm pleasantly surprised by all Tas has to offer :-)

Enjoy Miami. I havent been there since a 5-day DJ party in 2000.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Welcome back, Luke! You can be proud I didn't subject the readers to yet another discussion about the Duke lacrosse spectacle or the Don Imus disaster. That done, on to the real business. Are any of those pictures of fish, and can we see them? I can't help it, they look delicious.

rimone said...

'Rimone - actually, i didnt remove nor put you back on that list. the flying spaghetti monster did it.

oh wow, totally forgot about him/her/it. :-)

like Uranus, i'm proud that i didn't subject anyone to my musical obsessions. i'm leaving on fri AM to do my thing, will mail you before.

rimone said...

nope, it seems i'm not doing the total thing, just a mini-version of it for reasons i didn't even think of until Chris and Mark discussed them on phone.

but if things go the way i've been told they'll go, i shall be back w/i a few months and do the entire thing my original way.