Friday, April 20, 2007

It's about world domination, by any means necessary.

Starroute wrote this the other day and i haven't got around to posting it. This is in repsonse to the Franch/911/al qaeda news:
I also noticed that reference in the French documents to Chechen rebels -- and what it immediately reminded me of was not Feith's and Perle's adventures, but Peter Dale Scott's "The Global Drug Meta-Group."

I've never felt I've fully understood Scott's article, but as a result I get something new out of it every time I look at it. In this case, what jumped out at me was these paragraphs:

(The goal of splitting up Russia attributed here to Surikov is that which, in an earlier text co-authored by Surikov, is attributed by Russian "radicals" to the United States:

The radicals believe that the US actively utilizes Turkish and Muslim elements....From Azerbaijan, radicals foresee a strategic penetration which would irrevocably split the Federation. US influence would be distributed to the former Soviet Central Asian Republics, to Chechnya and the other North Caucasus Muslim autonomous republics of T[at]arstan and Bashkortostan. As a result Russian territorial integrity would be irreparably compromised.) . . .

In my conclusion I shall return to the possibility that U.S. government might share common goals with Hizb ut-Tahrir and the meta-group in Russia, even while combating the Islamist terrorism of al-Qaeda in the Middle East and the West.

I've been thinking more and more lately that for many people of, shall we say, a Cheney-ish persuasion, the real enemy has never ceased to be Russia. Something strange has going on recently at a very covert level, with Putin clearly feeling himself under siege for reasons that are never made clear in the West.

Aspects of this undeclared war include US alliances with the nastier dictators of the 'stans, US intentions to put Star War bases in Poland and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, and whatever is really happening with Berezovsky and the other oligarchs. (Litvinenko's poisoning -- and his close ties to Chechnya -- are no doubt another clue, if we only knew how to read it.)

But these Scott quotes suggest that an even more significant part of the strategy is the use of ethnic minorities to split off bits of Russia around the edges and ultimately to undercut the central government as well. This is exactly what is going on in Iran right now, with the US stirring up Baluchi separatists. But what if the destabilization of Iran is only a test run for the real goal?

US encouragement of the Gray Wolves and pan-Turanian ideology tie in to this as well. I've pointed in the past to this article, which discusses the strategy of inciting ethnic minorities with regard to Iran. But I found in looking for the link to that piece that I had in my files something which appeared in Asia Times in 2005 that may be even more pertinent. (Note that it cites the Hizbut-Tehrir, the same group referenced by Scott.):

Most major media outlets have spelled out with a profusion of details the "exact" events that led to the death of what some claim to have been hundreds of people in the eastern Uzbekistan town of Andijan on May 13. Led by British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, the world media condemned much-maligned Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov for yet another bloody and ruthless suppression of "public dissent". Yet, all the details so far provided do not explain who the real players were or their end objectives.

It is certain, however, that the puzzle cannot be solved unless the London factor is understood. The answers lie in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Liverpool. The old British colonial establishment, with former intelligence officer Bernard Lewis as its mentor, appears to have set in motion a series of events that will bring endless bloodshed to Central Asia. London's objective would appear to be to keep both China and Russia under an open-ended threat. At this point, there is no one who can better serve this "Lewis Doctrine" than Muslims nurtured in Britain - the Hizbut-Tehrir (HT). . . .

Apart from various Islamic preachers, two major Islamic groups function in the Ferghana Valley, whose common objective is to change the regimes in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. These are the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and the HT. While the IMU openly thrives on violence, the HT is strongly promoted by the United Kingdom, where it is headquartered, as peaceful. But records indicate that that the IMU and the HT work hand-in-hand. Most of the IMU recruits are from the HT, according to Rohan Gunaratna, an expert on world terrorist outfits. Gunaratna claims that Khaled Sheikh Muhammad, the alleged mastermind of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks in the US, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian of Chechen origin who has remained active in the Iraqi insurgency against the US occupying forces, were both once members of the HT. . . .

The West's policy - in other words, the policy of the Anglo-Americans, as the European Union does not have a policy worth citing - toward the Middle East has long been formulated by Bernard Lewis. The British-born Lewis started his career as an intelligence officer and has remained in bed with British intelligence ever since. Avowedly anti-Russia and pro-Israel, Lewis reaped a rich harvest among US academia and policymakers. He brought president Jimmy Carter's virulently anti-Russian National Security Council chief, Zbigniew Brzezinski, into his fold in the 1980s, and made the US neo-conservatives, led by Vice President Dick Cheney, dance to his tune on the Middle East in 2001. In between, he penned dozens of books and was taken seriously by people as a historian. But, in fact, Lewis is what he always was: a British intelligence officer. . . .

The recent developments in Uzbekistan have all the hallmarks of the same process. This time the objective is to weaken China, Russia, and possibly India, using the HT to unleash the dogs of war in Central Asia. It is not difficult for those on the ground to see what is happening. The leader of the Islamic Party of Tajikistan, Deputy Prime Minister Hoji Akbar Turajonzoda, has identified HT as a Western-sponsored bogeyman for "remaking Central Asia". . . .

It is not a lack of understanding on the part of American neo-conservatives associated with the Bush administration, but their keenness to use the "Lewis Doctrine" to achieve what they believe is justified that promises untold danger. How important a brains-trust is Lewis to the neo-conservatives? Just read the words of Richard Perle, a leading neo-conservative who remains a close adviser to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld: "Bernard Lewis has been the single-most important intellectual influence countering the conventional wisdom on managing the conflict between radical Islam and the West."

So -- we end by coming back round again to Richard Perle, but hopefully in a larger context.

It ain't really about the Middle East, boys and girls -- it's about world domination, by any means necessary. The only question is one of identifying the moves as they happen, instead of many years later.
thnx starroute. you rock.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

Russia is the world's largest producer of petroleum. That sentence says it all. U.S. oil companies and favored interests won't really have it all until they have Russia.

The strategy is divide and conquer, like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When you said, "...what if the destabilization of Iran is only a test run for the real goal?, I joked to myself, what's the real goal? To divide and conquer Russia, or the U.S. itself? Both.

I'll tell you a secret, too. People catch on to it. The epic Asian misadventure will change society in ways I can't imagine. Historically, the dogs get put back in the pen. If that happens, what will it mean? If not, extermination by war will replace global warming as the greatest threat to humanity in the next 100 years.

Mizgîn said...

It ain't really about the Middle East, boys and girls -- it's about world domination, by any means necessary. The only question is one of identifying the moves as they happen, instead of many years later.

Exactly. And I think that the control of energy resources is the reason for the focus on the ME right now, although there is a lot going on in the Central Asian states.

China, Russia, and some of those Central Asian states were the founders of the SCO. Interestingly enough, Iran is one of those who has been granted observer status in the organization and has applied for full membership. Also, you cannot be a member of NATO and a member of the SCO at the same time.

Enlightenment said...

The whole "war on terror" is nothing but a thinly-veiled war for control over as much of the world's remaining oil and natural gas reserves as possible. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Look at any theatre in the "war on terror" and you will see a large connection to oil and/or natural gas, exploration, extraction, or transport to market. Iraq, Afghanistan, Jolo and Basilan in the Philippines, the Caucasus, even Somalia. It all revolves around resources. Why are the Cheney "Energy Task Force" documents of spring-summer 2001 still classified? Because it would lay bare their motives.