Sunday, April 22, 2007

kickin back with lukery

It's been a while since we had a 'kickin back' post.

News from the GSF camp:
Rimone's travelling, Lukery's finished travelling, Miguel's moving, LeeB isn't moving & Chris has a new job.

What's on your mind?

Oh - and a big WIIG4 hug to the person who sent me this tee. (it's wrinkly cos it's just out of the wash)


«—U®Anu§—» said...

I didn't move, but Janet did. The new place is a box-clog. She went to MacAlester to visit her parents yesterday and, knowing I wouldn't go, didn't invite me. My stepsister Claudia's cat of more than eight years was run over a couple days ago and had to be put to sleep. That was traumatic. A girl moved in with my next door neighbor and her ex was drunk and over here threatening her last night, so we all met a big cop. I avoid household chores by reading, and am a slut. Yes, discipline is straight out the window. My kitties are having turkey tonight, as they've been complaining about the bill of faire which they consider limited, but is actually a dazzling smorgasbord. They eat better than I do.

lukery said...

is 'blog' the derivative of 'box-clog'?

man - you sure seem to have a lot to deal with, Mr U.

i wish i ate as well as your kittens.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Supposedly Claudia had a birthday celebration today, which I was "sort of" invited to, but the details about where and when were unclear. My good fortune is holding.

John McLaughlin predicted today Gonzales will resign by May 1. Meanwhile, former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega describes the nuts and bolts of life as a U.S. attorney and why the Bush administration, not Gonzales, is the real problem. It's a good one!

The weather is beautiful here.

noise said...

Good article. She makes a very important distinction.

The Repubs are trying to suggest that if Gonzales resigns that will be the end of this scandal. Of course, guys like Hatch don't want to know why Gonzales was so evasive even though the answer is obvious...the whole thing was orchestrated by the White House. I'm pretty sure the missing emails will show one motive was obstruction of justice.

lukery said...

good article - thnx - fp'd. i didnt know (specifically) that HQ had an early warning system

glad the weather is nice - it just got a little chillier here...