Thursday, April 05, 2007

The new Monica scandal (guest post by Uranus)

Can you say smokescreen? Monica Goodling now says she not only won't talk to Congressional panels, she won't attend any informal meetings. Emptywheel has a post up about that. I hate to linger too much on this issue when so much is being said and written about it, but it is interesting that her lawyers believe she can invoke the fifth amendment preemptively for something that isn't a trial. It's only a distraction.

Emptywheel also wonders (God love her!)
who's paying Gonzales' legal bills, the taxpayers or Bush himself:

It's a question I think taxpayers have a right to know the answers to.

One more detail about the article. You know Gonzales is worried. He canceled spring break to prepare:

Gonzales postponed tentative plans to take a spring break with his wife and three sons, opting instead to prepare for what even Republicans say will be a "make or break" April 17 appearance.

These Bushies never cancel vacations, not even when New Orleans is drowning. So this Senate hearing must really be serious.

Great point, Marcy! The nation's busiest sea port is small potatoes next to the scummy, soul-sucking career of any of these good, loyal Bushies. Yes, God loves Emptywheel and so do we, one and all.

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