Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No wonder Dopey has so much confidence in Abu Gonzongo

Kathleen via email (because she hasn't been able to post comments for some tecnhnomological reason):
Not being able to post comments, I'm getting a teensy taste of what Sibel's gag order must feel like.

Hope the committee comes to its senses on having hearings. I'll ask them again when I call on other things. Who do you ask people to call, Waxman's office, or the committee staff? You need to get people to DUNNNN the Repugs on that commnittee with calls. Take them on.

Actually that committee minority staff person was quite poliite and helpful. When I called about the Plame hearing, I asked if they were going to follow through with hearings on others who had been punished for telling the truth like Sibel. He said that was a majority decision, which of course is true strictly speaking, but it sure doesn't hurt having several in the minority agreeing,

It worked for me to ask the Senate and House Judiciary Committee to raise the issue of the Appearance of Impropriety and insist on resignations, regardless of the contents of the missing emails. The most conservative member, Coburn, did exactly that. I've been suggesting that we apply Cheney's One Percent Doctrine to them. If it's fishy, you can bet there's a whale in the story, a regular Moby.

My point is, when you ask people to call, focus on the committee staff, and the minority members...ask people to include them, zero the fuck in on them, with some blunt, straight discourse. It scares the beegeezus out of em. honest. and it's so much godddamned fun, to boooooottttt.

I'm so frustrated with Dems, on impeachment, I could scream and maybe I will start to scream when I call them on it. Geeeeezus.

In the days leading up to the Abu's hearing, I called the committee to urge members to raise the issue of the appearance of impropriety. I don't even care what the content of the missing emails is, .I think using private account to conduct official business is improper and that alone should require resignations, but then to claim they are missing does severe damage to the public's trust in the integrity of the judicial system, not that I think there is much left,, but what little is left needs a respirator.

I'm really curious about the genisis of the provision eliminating Senate confirmation of replacement US Attorneys. Even though it's been revoked, I think the genisis is the crux of the matter. What legitimate reason could there be for skipping Senate confirmation, do tell? Ask the Minority that. And then, there's that surreptitoous way it got snuck in, during the conference stage, with neither body reviewing it. Do I hear a Sig Heil in the distance, folks?

My next schtick with Judiciary is to ask what the legal precedence is for a president appointing his personal attorney to be Attorney General and to ask the committee to propose legislation prohibiting any future presidents from appointing their personal attorneys to any position in the gov't having something to do with the law. It's an inherent conflict of interest, plain and simple. How can they be impartial when they have a continuing duty to their former client? I'm going to ask the committee to research that precedence. I'm curious to know if it's ever happened before. No wonder Dopey has so much confidence in Abu Gonzongo.

Well let's all let our fingers do the talking and storm the Bastille, telephonically.
I've been calling, writing to Reid, begging him to hang tough and up the ante if 'Dopey vetos the funding bill. Actually, I said I hope he does veto it, so they can introduce a bill with just enough funds to pay for the withdrawal.
Thnx Kax.

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Enlightenment said...

But I have yet to hear an explanation as to why Bush calls Alberto Gonzales "Fredo". His name isn't Alfredo Gonzales, that would make sense if it was. Is this something that goes back to their days in Texas when Bush was governor? Perhaps when they were first introduced to one another Bush soon forgot Gonzales' first name, then later "remembered" it as Alfredo instead of Alberto, and started calling him "Fredo" for short, and perhaps Gonzales didn't have guts enough to correct him? Then Bush later sees Gonzales' full name written down, realizes his mistake, and it becomes an inside joke between them? I am just speculating on this matter, as I have never heard anyone say this or try to explain his nickname. I'm just trying to figure out how someone with the name Alberto gets a nickname that abbreviates a name that isn't his.