Saturday, April 28, 2007

"a problem with the Sibel Edmonds arguments"

* xymphora:
"Failing to stress that the people who are now running Turkey are ‘deep state’ opponents is also a problem with the Sibel Edmonds arguments. The 1996 Susurluk car crash is ancient history."
ftr - sibel says that she has no evidence that Erdogan is up to evil-doing, and most of her ire is directed at Ciller's maladministration.

Regarding Susurluk being ancient history, Adrian Gatton writes in Druglink:
"“There won’t be another Susurluk.” says Hugh Pope, who argues that Susurluk forced Turkey into a “virtuous cycle” of reform and soul-searching.

Others, like Turkey’s former spy chief, Mehmet Eymur, would disagree. He moved to Washington and, by 2000, from that safe haven dished the dirt on the officials and politicians who escaped punishment for Susurluk. "Unfortunately," Eymur said at that time, "in Turkey, one scandal ends only to be followed by another."

His criticisms are echoed by Professor Frank Bovenkerk, of Utrecht University, whose book on the Turkish mafia is forthcoming in the UK. He told Druglink: “In Turkey now, [scandals like Susurluk] are so well-known, they don’t even bother to cover it up any more.”"

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