Wednesday, April 18, 2007

speaking of ugly

* coming down with Driftglass:
"And speaking of ugly, on Face the Nation, wacky neighbor Dick Cheney stopped to lie for about 20 minutes, and repeatedly impugn the patriotism and honor of anyone who disagreed with his lies.

We learned that he has made no mistakes. He has never been wrong. He has never lied or misrepresented anything. That being “inconsistent” in one’s opinion is worse than nine Hitlers, even when “inconsistent” really means

1) Lending one’s conditional support to this Administration based on the long, sad parade of lies they trotted out as incontrovertible and absolute fact. And then,

2) Amending or revoking one’s support when one finds out one has been both massively lied to, and the war that was launched on the basis of those lies has been massively and criminally botched.

So by Dead-End Dick’s estimation, once a three card monte huckster fleeces you out of twenty bucks on the “el”, you are somehow forever morally obligated to continue to take the same train, play that same rigged game and endure being skinned out of your rent money by the same criminal, in the same way, day after day, year after year.


Or until Mr. Devious Flimflamski declares “Victory” and deigns to release you from the bargain.

Cheney calmly explained that everything he has ever said was either accurate given what he knew at the time…or will be vindicated in the long “sweep of history”.

Dick Cheney was a very odd choice to be sent abroad to make the Administration’s case.

He is certainly the most loathed and mistrusted politician in a Party and Administation that is already red-lining its lack of credibility into Nixon territory. Someone that a broad consensus of our nation’s citizens seem to have concluded irrevocably is a truly evil and probably insane old prick who needs to be rotting the rest of his despicable days away in a 6X6 cell behind three feet of concrete and steel and a cordon of Marine guards.

Then again, at this point who else do the Bushies have left to Surge onto the Mouse Circus that won’t get slapped to atoms?"


«—U®Anu§—» said...

The democrats in Congress are having a little trouble figuring out a response to the angry, name-calling White House request for war funding. I can give them a clue from their constituency, if it matters.

Tell Bush and Cheney they're a couple of treasonous killers, and that they are to be hanged. End the war. Build a gallows on the square in D.C., and hang both of them. Let network TV carry it live, these two bugs dangling at the end of ropes.

Heaven help us and the world if we don't. It's a no-brainer.

lukery said...

Let network TV carry it live, these two bugs dangling at the end of ropes.

imagine the ratings...

rimone said...

And so, that stands as a classic statement for Americans, that it's honorable and right to not to pay your taxes or to refuse military service or to disobey your government when you believe that your government is wrong... Thoreau's essay on civil disobedience, will take its advice to heart, realize that the government is not holy, that what's holy is human life and human freedom and the right of people to resist authority. And so, Thoreau has great lessons for us today.

if only more knew. :-(

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Sounds funny, but I'm not kidding. What's actually funny is how long I've been saying it. It'd be hilarious if someone had the nuts to say that stuff on the Congressional record.