Saturday, April 28, 2007

Then I called Waxman's office...

Kathleen in the comments:
"I see what you mean about Waxman's office, but I don't think the problem is just with Sibel's issue

On Wednesday morning I called the Dem staff on the Oversight committeer to discuss Waxman's letter Shays, Mar. 1, 2005 with respect to calling John Bolton and Fred Fleitz to tstify on how the 16 words got into the Preznitwits speech and had a very meaningful conversation.

Then I called Waxman's office and the person who answered the phone was so unprofessional I thought I'd called the wrong number, seriously. You know how sometimes you call a wrong number and the person answering the phone has the same name as the one you're calling and it takes you a while to figure out you've dialed a wrong number?

Mid phone call I asked if this was Waxman's office. When I mentioned John Bolton, I was told he was Michael Bolton's brother and asked if I knew that, as if it mattered. When I mentioned Waxman's letter to Shays, he said "Whateverrrrr, When I said something else he repeated whateverrrr, and I'm a supporter of Waxman. Lord knows how he speaks to critics, assuming he can tell the difference. I tell you this Luke, so you won't be so discouraged about their response to people calling about Sibel. It could be some very ill-trained staffperson, not the issue itself.

I always prefer speaking to committee staff because they are lawyers and more familiar with the nitty gritty details of an issue, the schedule for hearings, etc, than general office staff.

I considered calling Waxman's District office to complain because I don't think it does Waxman any good to have such a person relating to the public."

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