Friday, April 20, 2007

Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos of George W. Bush

* The Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos of George W. Bush (link)

* glenn:
"That is what Alberto Gonzales is -- he is a supremely loyal servant of George Bush and he was installed as the nation's chief law enforcement officer precisely because of that attribute. There really is very little he would not do, if there is anything, in service to the White House. And that has been evident for quite some time.

Nor is there anything unique about Gonzales himself. His conduct is the conduct of this administration, and his mindset is its mindset. The U.S. Attorneys scandal is merely illustrative, not unique in any way -- except that Bush's weakened state and subpoena power in the hands of Democrats have combined to produce slightly more oversight and scrutiny than before.

So it was gratifying, I suppose, to watch Alberto Gonzales finally be held accountable (at least rhetorically) and aggressively cornered due to his transparent evasions and untruths. But it is also difficult to avoid lamenting how many other times over the last several years he has done all of that with complete impunity. And it is far from clear whether there will be real accountablity even now.

Gonzales is a mere symbol -- really just an instrument -- of an entire Presidency guided for years by exactly these behaviors. And, at least thus far, they have engaged in that conduct with very, very few consequences."
* profmarcus at larisa's:
"referring to rove as "evil incarnate" is dead on... i have been of that opinion for many years... no one has ever poisoned the political and social discourse of the united states more than karl rove... his behavior, minus any accountability, has served to provide implicit permission for others to follow suit, thus expanding his dark influence in a geometric progression... i have only been hoping and praying that satan will call in the marker on his soul earlier rather than later..."
* tpmm has all the footage and coverage of the AGAG bloodbathhearings.

* AP (for rimone):
"Strange things sometimes come out of
President Bush's mouth. "Polls just go poof." "Remember the rug?"

When Bush went to Ohio on Thursday to talk about terrorism, he ended up musing about marriage and chicken-plucking plants, the agony of death and his Oval Office rug, which resembles a sunburst."

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rimone said...

another of his euphemisms for flatulence, w/him as the centre of his little universe. (forgive me, it's fuck o'clock in the morning here).