Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Waxman’s Witness Protection Program

* I've just noticed that the front page of AmCon is billing Giraldi's Waxman/Sibel story as "Waxman’s Witness Protection Program" - sweet

* amy:
"Climate Change Causes Australia's Worst Drought On Record
Australia is facing its worst drought on record in what has been described as the first climate change-driven disaster to strike a developed nation. The drought has struck southeastern Australia where 40 percent of the country's agriculture is produced. The Independent of London is reporting that the Australian government has announced it is planning to take the drastic measure of cutting off water supplies for farmers if there is no significant rainfall in the next six to eight weeks. Australia's Prime Minister John Howard said there will soon only be enough water for drinking supplies.
John Howard: "We should all pray for rain because the situation for the farmers of Australia in the irrigation area of this country in the Murray Darling Basin is crucial and we must all hope and pray there is rain."
If the water supply for irrigation is cut off crops such as rice, cotton and wine grapes will fail. Citrus, olive and almond trees will die. Livestock will die from starvation. Farmers say they will lose all of their crops if the water supply is cut off. The water ban will likely result in financial ruin for thousands of farmers.
Ian Singleton, farmer: "If there's no rain it's just a big black hole we're looking into.""
yay, us.

* Brad is waaay excited:
* glenn:
"In retrospect, Colbert's (WHCA) speech was far more literal than satirical. It only seemed satirical because the reality of what he was describing is so absurd.

The only thing more entertaining -- and more revealing -- than the Colbert speech itself was all of the confused, petulant and angry reactions from Beltway journalists, explaining how it was so unfunny and so inappropriate because of how disrespectful it was to the defenseless Leader (and, more importantly, to the royal court's press corps)."

* kevin:
"Most of the time I come down in favor of expanding the military, on the basis that (a) if you're going to do something, you should do it right, and (b) we're not likely to continue to be ruled by petulant children forever into the future. Needless to say, (b) is a gamble."
will kevin ever think that 'enough is enough'? or does 'do it right' always mean 'more & more'?

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Oh, brother! I'm with Murtha, there's nothing worse than some guy who thinks he's an expert on fighting and clearly hasn't been in even one in his whole life.