Thursday, May 03, 2007

2176 secret warrants

* amy:
"FISA Court Approved Record Number Of Secret Searches in 2006
Newly released data from the Justice Department shows the government conducted a record number of secret searches last year. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court issued two thousand one hundred and seventy six secret warrants in 2006 targeting people inside the United States. The FISA court approved all but one search warrant requested by the Bush administration. The Justice Department however did not reveal how many times the FBI secretly sought telephone, Internet and banking records about U.S. citizens and residents without court approval."
i wonder which one they rejected?

* amy:
Kent State Massacre Tape: 'Get Set! Point! Fire!'
Survivors of the 1970 massacre at Kent State are calling on officials to reinvestigate what happened on May 4 1970 when the National Guard shot four students dead at an anti-war rally. On Tuesday, one of the survivors – Alan Canfora – released an audio tape from the day of the shootings. Canfora said by closely listening you can hear a National Guard officer issue the command "Right Here, Get Set! Point! Fire!" Following the command, the sounds of shots being fired can be heard. The FBI has never determined whether an order to shoot was given. Eight members of the National Guard were acquitted of federal civil rights charges four years after the shootings. Canfora said the reel-to-reel audio recording was made by a student on campus.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

Of course the official story about Kent State is the same as that of the demonstration in LA yesterday where police opened fire with rubber bullets. The protestors threw some rocks. And that story exonerates everyone. What withering bullshit. The truth: most cops are truly stupid. Put them in riot gear and they'll always open fire. Cops who shoot people are never prosecuted.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

That was the year before I registered with Selective Service, so it's all a blur. I remember the rumor was students and faculty heard the order given to fire; furthermore, that order originated in Washington, should the protestors offer any resistance. If Nixon had the Military Commissions Act and repeal of posse comitatus, he'd have killed tens of thousands of protestors, and would now be the saint to republicans Ronald Reagan is.