Sunday, May 27, 2007


I still haven't quite worked out with the latest goings-on in the AIPAC case.

* Josh Gerstein in the NYSun writes:
"Intelligence agencies have decided to declassify a large volume of classified information in order to move forward with the criminal prosecution of two pro- Israel lobbyists accused of trafficking in America's national secrets.
Despite reports that Mr. Weissman and his former employer, Aipac, resolved a dispute over its payment of his legal bills, Mr. Lowell said no such agreement has been reached between Mr. Rosen and the lobbying group. "We have not been negotiating," the defense attorney said.
Judge Ellis has scrubbed plans to start the trial next month. Mr. Lowell said he thinks September is now a realistic date for the trial to open."

* 2 days later, JTA writes:
"The prosecution had the option of appealing his decision or agreeing to go to trial, but without declassifying any more evidence. Instead, on Thursday, it acceded to Ellis' order and submitted a new plan for declassifiying evidence. Ellis, prosecutors and defense lawyers will consider the plan next month.

Ellis is likely to set a new trial date before the end of June. So far, at least five trial dates have been set and have lapsed for Weissman and Rosen, who were indicted in August 2005. The two men are charged under never-used 1917 statute with receiving and relaying to colleagues, Israeli diplomats and journalists classified information about Iran."
There was supposed to be some news on Friday afternoon - but I haven't seen anything.

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