Sunday, May 27, 2007



«—U®Anu§—» said...

In this post's comments Steve makes the compelling argument that just because we haven't found our way to the overwhelming rationale which makes the case for peace doesn't mean it can't be done, and meanwhile we shouldn't take the low road and resort to thuggishness or hit the streets, threaten people and so forth.

I thought about that long and hard.

I guess I've read most every self-help book I can find about how to deal with crazy people who are bent on your destruction for no reason. I tried putting that advice to work, because I've dealt with that much challenge since I was able to take my meals from a high chair.

I also have the ability to develop my own strategies, and am more than willing to listen to advice, and give it the old college try. I've tried anything and everything short of opening fire, and none of it worked.

I came to a partial conclusion, and it applies to the democrats in Congress as well as to myself. If you think there is any possible rationale or set of reasons you can propose that will persuade people bent on destruction to change their thinking or behavior, you are just mistaken, badly and completely.

Furthermore, you can stop thinking in those terms, because it just isn't going to work. And, any solution that actually works is probably only temporary, because nature has a way of making new people who think they're on a mission of destruction.

Bush and Cheney believe they can own and run the world by destroying it with nuclear weapons, effectively exterminating the human race. Do you really think some argument is going to just pop out of thin air and change their minds? It isn't, and the sooner people understand all that, the sooner they can start thinking in other terms. I already made the very self-evident statement that a world destroyed by nuclear weapons isn't worth having; however, that's just whistling in the wind. People don't really believe that's what's going on, and somehow think that even if it is, the day after global thermonuclear warfare, "we will rebuild."

No, we won't. There won't be any we. A thick, black cloud of radioactive dust will encircle the earth, keeping things dead for a long time. Then, it will deposit onto the surface, to be overlaid by strata of sediment deposited by water, wind and vulcanism, to record when human life on earth ended for anyone who might come looking, if ever. The Bush administration hopes to make this happen, and they are afraid they're running out of time.

If people in the world believed that, the conversation about war funding would take a very different tone. But people don't believe that. They still believe Bush tells the truth, and Cheney is a wise old soul and, working together, they are doing their best to protect America from the evil forces that want to blow up our buildings and steal our oil.

I can't say I know it will happen. But there can be little doubt in anyone's mind that America's extreme right thinks nuclear world war is inevitable, and a good thing, too, because it will establish America's rule for all time. They can't get to that point soon enough: the hope is Bush and Cheney will deliver any minute.

No one will come along and appeal to their sense of fair play, humanity or reason with words or even actions. I'm out of practical suggestions, so let me offer some pathetic recommendations. Awareness. Ridicule. Humiliation. Prosecution. Punishment. Behavior modification and genetic drug therapy. Perseverence. Vigilance. In the meantime, I hope greater minds than mine will come up with something better.

Kax said...

I think humor can be a devatating weapon to use.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

That's a good idea. I saw one writer suggest we need to energize the democratic party. It's admittedly pathetic: Janet and I went to a monthly state meeting, and it was attended by half a dozen people who were so old they seemed years past death's door.

If money is all the people in Washington know, could the left mount a huge, dollar-driven lobbying effort? Hey, that's a new idea--Washington listens because we bought 'em off.

Kax said...

Energize the Democratic Party? They just nailed their own coffin shut.

Let's go get Elvis. Maybe he can get it rocking and rolling again.

lukery said...

great post Mr U.