Thursday, May 17, 2007

bump & update: grumpiness revoked
bump & update:
...still grumpy


«—U®Anu§—» said...

I have pinched nerves in my neck which got that way while I was traveling. I am seeking herbal remedies today. Breaking this morning: McNulty resigned. Jerry Falwell was found on his office floor; aides describe his condition as seriously grave. The hand of fate has Bush and Cheney on the ropes now.

LeeB said...

Boo. Hoo. I'm totally broken up.

LYNCHBURG, Va. - The Rev. Jerry Falwell, the television evangelist who founded the Moral Majority and used it to mold the religious right into a political force, died Tuesday shortly after being found unconscious in his office at Liberty University. He was 73.

Ron Godwin, Liberty's executive vice president, said Falwell had been found unresponsive around 10:45 a.m. and was taken to Lynchburg General Hospital.

Godwin said he was not sure what caused the collapse, but noted that Falwell had “a history of heart challenges.”

. . . more at

«—U®Anu§—» said...

My spiritual healer let me down. The ridiculous right had a big day yesterday: I saw a tagline on Fox TV News stating the price of gasoline had risen 40% since the democrats took the majority in Congress! I had a wild hair and thought I'd reinstall Windows this evening, it having run the grace period. My previously good key number, which stopped working, has apparently begun to work again. Redmond gave me lots of exotic updates and loaded up my drive with superfluous system files. They're always having fun over there.

I've had so many diversions the past couple weeks that I'm now completely confused. I was trying to assemble some information about dead U.S. attorneys: I read some pieces about a number of them who turned up dead before the purge and didn't believe it because I hadn't read it anywhere else. Now, I have no idea where I read it. Maybe someone has an interest in that. I'm too sore, stiff and herbally deficient to get my brain around it.

And yeah, Falwell was an unflushed turd. Good riddance to him. I hate to act that way, but I'm becoming impatient in my old age. Here is a good article by Ray McGovern about Turd Tenet who laments he shouldn't be rolling in money but should be behind bars (pretty funny).

Simon said...

Grumpy would be good! AAAAANGRY does it for me right now. Some **** stole my motorbike. Chopped the lock of the (concrete) shed, sawed the chain (forestry chain, used previously for towing entire trees out of the woods behind a tractor) and smashed the steering lock off it. Just after I got it all sorted for the summer. If you could see me now there's steam coming out of my ears....

rimone said...

i have been feeling an acute case of glorious Schadenfreude all day since last night when i first learnt about Jerry Falwell Finally Dead -- a nation grieves.

first pol post i've done for ages and man, did i enjoy it. :-)

Anonymous said...

for info on dead usas TOMFLOCCO.COM

Kax said...

Hmmmm, all the way around

«—U®Anu§—» said... was it all right, thanks, anon. Simon, that's really lowdown. It reminds me of when my friend the physician was getting a divorce and his soon-to-be-ex threw a coffee cup at him. It hit his car. He said he wouldn't have minded much if it had hit him, but hitting his car was strictly unacceptable. He ended up having to dish out $5,000 a month until all the kids were 18; then, he bought a big house and started a new family.

Homey don't play dat.

What I want to know is, what is Luke so unhappy about? Can we help? My local campaigns are going nowhere, but I'm still working on all of it.

Kax said...

Meeee tooo. I thought another group hug would help...

or maybe Rimone's graphic again?

damien said...

Hey, Lukery. hope you're well mate. Just a note on some great Chris Floyd stuff about how the US is doing such a great job bringing peace and democracy to Palestine. He points to an account by Scott Wilson in Wapo:

Israel this week allowed the Palestinian party Fatah to bring into the Gaza Strip as many as 500 fresh troops trained under a U.S.-coordinated program to counter Hamas.

..."We're not the ones giving these forces operational orders. That will be up to Abbas," said Ephraim Sneh, Israel's deputy defense minister, asserting that Hamas's arms smuggling from the Sinai and military training in Iran have given the movement a battlefield advantage. "The idea is to change the balance, which has been in favor of Hamas and against Fatah. With these well-trained forces, it will help right that imbalance."

It seems that Eliott Abrams has been busy again:

Deputy National Security Advisor, Elliott Abrams — who Newsweek recently described as “the last neocon standing” — has had it about for some months now that the U.S. is not only not interested in dealing with Hamas, it is working to ensure its failure. In the immediate aftermath of the Hamas elections, last January, Abrams greeted a group of Palestinian businessmen in his White House office with talk of a “hard coup” against the newly-elected Hamas government — the violent overthrow of their leadership with arms supplied by the United States...

And the recent civil war breakout in Palestine is being enabled by a WH appointee, Mohammed Dahlan

The Fatah gunmen who are reported to have initiated the breakdown of the Palestinian unity government and provoked the latest fighting may profess fealty to President Abbas, but it’s not from him that they get their orders. The leader to whom they answer is Mohammed Dahlan, the Gaza warlord who has long been Washington’s anointed favorite to play the role of a Palestinian Pinochet. And while Dahlan is formally subordinate to Abbas, whom he supposedly serves as National Security Adviser, nobody believes that Dahlan answers to Abbas — in fact, it was suggested at the time that Abbas appointed Dahlan only under pressure from Washington.

You can never have enough democracy, can you?

PS...feeling grumpy L?... you're just angling for another beach holiday. You can't fool us. :)

lukery said...

sion - that's terribel. sorry to hear. i hope you find him. her?

D - that's too outrageous. FTR, the Fox chyron when Israel dropped bombs yesterday was "Israel Joins In"

and yep - i could do with a holiday... in fact, maybe i'm suffering from post-holiday trauma... there's only one solution for that. (actually, two)

rimone said...

hey lukery, i've been up to my ass w/boring stuff but i do hope you're feeling better by now. x