Monday, May 28, 2007

The Constitutional Crisis Within

* Marty Lederman:
"The Constitutional Crisis Within
Hot tip for the mainstream press (not to mention Congress):

This is not your everyday occurrence. As I've been trying to emphasize, this internal DOJ showdown -- and, more broadly, the role of the Vice President's office in pushing a constitutional vision so extreme that the entire upper echelon of the Ashcroft Justice Department was ready to resign over it -- is a very big deal, what you might fairly call a huge story.

Indeed, other than the tragedy of Iraq (which, not coincidentally, is also the result of the President permitting the government to be controlled by a small coterie of like-minded extremists who were committed to ignoring all professional and expert perspectives inconsistent with their world view), this is probably the most important story of Bush Administration. And there is a ton of information that we do not yet know.

Hot tip No. 2: There is far, far too much focus on Alberto Gonzales in current press and congressional investigations. Just as he was merely a rubber stamp for Rove, et al. in the U.S. Attorney and related scandals, so, too, in these much more significant constitutional crises, he is "merely" an apparatchik, a hired gun of sorts. The real action here has always been in the Vice President's Office -- and on the intrigung question of why the President has repeatedly allowed the Vice President's idiosyncratic views to determine state policy -- and that's where the smoke and fire will be if and when the media and Congress ever get to the bottom of it."


profmarcus said...

i don't think we can use the term "constitutional crisis" often enough, and it's clearly much broader and deeper than we yet know... it also encompasses a great deal more than the doj, the interpretation and application of article II and amendment 4 of that document serving as cases in point...

that this is the most important story of the bush administration is an understatement... it may well be the biggest story in the history of the nation because it sweeps in everything else, including iraq... when the dam breaks, hopefully soon, we are going to be astounded into speechlessness at the brazen criminality of many at the highest levels of our government... now, if you, luke, can just keep us mobilized to get sibel's story out, it will happen all the faster...

Anonymous said...

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lukery said...