Tuesday, May 15, 2007

emptywheel, judy miller, and mobile weapons labs

I finally read emptywheel's book yesterday

Emptywheel did a great job, of course.

Simon and I actually got a shoutout in the Acknlowedgements for "valuable feedback on the WMD claims" - fancy that!

EW is referring to this series of posts that the three of us worked on together:
1. judy miller, stephen hatfill and mobile weapons labs
2. judy miller and hatfill's mobile weapons labs (part 2)
3. judy miller, curveball and mobile weapons labs


Simon said...

Yay. Us. Fame at last. (At least a teeny weeny bit.) Three cheers for Emptywheel. ;-)

lukery said...

and an extra cheer for Simon.

actually, prepublication - i told EW that i'd buy a copy of the book for every GSFer if she signed it and didnt really get an answer back. Otherwise, i'd have known about this months ago! (i presume that at least one of you would have read it by now!)