Sunday, May 20, 2007

I like this universe

* Bill Weaver (from sibel's NSWBC) was on PBS' NOW:
"NOW: In a recent Mother Jones article you said "When people call me and ask about blowing the whistle, I always tell them 'Don't do it.'" Why?

Weaver: I have seen repeatedly, almost without exception, that the employee who blows the whistle on illegal activity in government is completely destroyed. Employees are separated from their peers, given no work, given poor job ratings, berated and subjected to abuse (sometimes physical abuse), placed in dangerous situations on purpose and eventually fired when all that is left is a shell. The process is designed to inform others of what will happen if they blow the whistle and regardless of the agency or employment environment the actions are so identical from case to case as to justify calling it a bureaucratic pathology. I want you to understand that I am not talking about cases where people are blowing the whistle on stolen pens or staplers; I'm talking about cases where the government has facilitated murder, engaged in aiding drug traffickers; covering up espionage activity, etc."

* Henley:
'Prediction: If the White House runs true to form then, once Paul Wolfowitz finally leaves the World Bank, the President will nominate Shaha Riza to replace him."

* Richard Sale:
"In any case, Vince Cannistaro has had no doubts: "Chalabi was working for Iran, and Iran took us to breakfast, lunch and dinner.""
* Jonathon:
"You know, when prominent neoconservatives talk about "hard coups" to overturn Palestinian elections, or hint at their regret the military didn't stage a coup in Turkey, it almost makes me think their purported concern for democracy is complete bullshit.

Fortunately, we know that's not that case, because no one ever broaches this possibility in the US media.

STAY TUNED: For endless debate in the Washington Post about whether the neoconservative worldview is flawed because they naively luv democracy too much."
* Jonathon:
"Ron Paul Discussed On The View

Apparently Ron Paul has ripped a hole in the fabric of reality, and we've fallen through into another dimension in which U.S. foreign policy is debated on national daytime television.

Pretty amazing. I like this universe much more than the old one."

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

"...another dimension in which U.S. foreign policy is debated on national daytime television." That's been going on for a little while, but so far has been confined mainly to Katie Couric gushing about how she prays Condoleeza Rice will run for president, because, after all, she has new shoesies.

Speaking of hopeless douchebags, did any of you catch Newt on Meet The Press saying he's thinking about running for president? Oh, happy day.