Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let this be a lesson.

* Digby has this from The Italian Letter:
"Yet Rove had reason to be concerned. His own internal polling six months before the (2004) election showed that Bush would gain 3.5 percent more if Iraq, strongly identified with Cheney ceased to be an issue --- a critical margin in what would certainly be a close election."
If I'm not mistaken, in 2004, Rove was begging Democrats to focus on Iraq. Let this be a lesson.

* clemons:
"We were all very lucky that the thin-skinned former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist withdrew from contention. I have liked Frist from time to time -- mostly because he believes in science and rationality -- but recently had an odd personal battle with him that exemplified why the former Tennessee senator would have been a personnel disaster at the Bank."

* Horton has the youtube of a Dennis Miller / Ron Paul interview. Miller asks Paul why he didn't wanna go invade iraq: "didn't you think it was time to get it on with radical islam?" huh? is this a new one? Saddam as 'Radical Islam'?


Anonymous said...

Step one in the plan to 'get it on with Radical Islam' was to get a secure military foothold in the region & foment sectarian violence between the Shia & Sunni-thus the Iraq occupation. We're now witnessing step two in Lebanon, Gaza & our Iran policy.

doomsy said...

Funny how Miller wanted to "get it on with Radical Islam" even though he's too much of a coward to go over there and participate himself.

Kax said...

Dennis Miller is a pompous jerk.