Wednesday, May 16, 2007

marginally more honest than Abu Gonzales

Other Horton:
"These facts go right to the core of the scandal and the dynamics which drove it. In McNulty’s view he, the number two man in the department and by tradition the officer with day-to-day operational responsibility, was pushed to the side while a young and inexperienced lawyer who was called “Rove junior” because of his connections with and similarity to Karl Rove made the judgments. Moreover, he came under attack as a result of his decision to tell a tiny smidgen of truth whereas Alberto Gonzales settled on a strategy of serving up fifty-pound whoppers under oath to a Congressional committee. That’s a breath-taking disclosure about the White House and the culture of lies in which it is now entangled. And it’s an enormous indictment of Alberto Gonzales.

But think about it: Alberto Gonzales is still attorney general, and his deputy is forced out because he was marginally more honest. It’s appalling."

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