Thursday, May 10, 2007

Moveon Impeachment Poll

* jonathon:
"Much to my surprise, Moveon is polling members on whether they believe Congress should impeach Bush. Of course, they're doing this so quietly that almost no members seem to know about it. Go here and speak up, and then spread the word. If Moveon's members strongly come out in favor of impeachment, it would change a lot of political calculations in Congress."


Kax said...

MoveOn sends members regular emails and they sent out the poll on impeachment. It's not a secret if you subscribe to their regular emailings.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

FUCK MOVEON.ORG and their mamby-pamby-let's-not-offend-any-important-republicans picture of life. Where have they been the last four years while the neocons killed people beyond measure and ran up the biggest, most unbelievable debt in the world's history? They've been conducting a damn fundraiser and dreaming of glory. Fuck them. I've been saying impeach and convict for years, and nobody listened. Better late than never; nonetheless, can take their damn, fucking bullshit down the road.