Tuesday, May 08, 2007

not a terrorist.

* amy:
"Arizona Man Arrested for Threatening Cinco De Mayo Festival
In Arizona, a Flagstaff man was arrested for threatening to violently disrupt a Cinco de Mayo festival. The man – James Wesley Creek – attempted to post an internet message saying that the Virginia Tech killings would pale in comparison to his plans to disrupt the festivities. Federal authorities said Creek had helped distribute fliers for the Ku Klux Klan, had a dislike for Mexicans and owned about a half dozen guns. Meanwhile in Gaithersburg Maryland, a center for day laborers was set on fire on Friday less than a month after it opened. Investigators said the fire was deliberately set.
not a terrorist.

* amy:
NRA Backs Gun Rights for Terrorism Suspects
The National Rifle Association is publicly backing the rights of suspects on terrorism watch lists to be able to buy firearms. The NRA has asked the Bush administration to withdraw its support from a bill that would prohibit arm sales to suspected terrorists. NRA Director Chris Cox criticized the bill saying it "would allow arbitrary denial of Second Amendment rights based on mere "suspicions" of a terrorist threat.""

* David Cord has the highlights from tenet's book. for example:
"P. 356 -- After the invasion of Iraq, US forces gathered and reviewed massive treasure troves of Iraqi documents. "Time and again," Tenet writes, " documents that were supposedly produced in the early 1990s [that contained information tying Iraq to al Qaeda] turned out to be forgeries. CIA officers interviewed Iraqi intelligence officers in Baghdad who also discounted the authenticity of the documents. It was obvious that someone was trying to mislead us. But these raw, unevaluated documents that painted a more nefarious picture of Iraq and al-Qa'ida continued to show up in the hands of senior administration officials without having gone through normal intelligence channels." Seems as if someone had mounted a disinformation project to justify the war. Who could that have been? Not Ahmad Chalabi and the Iraq National Congress, right?
P. 438 -- After a November 2003 White House meeting, during which a CIA official mentioned there was an ongoing insurgency in Iraq, Tenet recalls, the "message out of the Oval Office that day was, 'No one in this administration will make any reference to an insurgency.'"

P. 440 -- Tenet writes, "You had the impression that some Office of the Vice President and DOD reps were writing Chalabi's name over and over again in their notes, like schoolgirls with their first crush."

P. 446 -- At a White House meeting in the spring of 2004, the president declared, "I want Chalabi off the [U.S.] payroll." Bush's order was ignored by Condi Rice and the Pentagon."

* christy:
"The rules need not apply to this crowd. Same goes for ethics, decency, and honesty. Heckuva job, Republicans — anyone continuing to prop up these ethically-challenged idiots deserves every bit of electoral and polling disaster that they are currently reaping, and will continue to reap as the Bush Administration drags them and their party down like the big, fat, lying anchor that they are. And then some. Their only hope is to purge the Bush taint once and for all — and to do that, they are going to have to come clean. Once and for all. I know there are a whole lot of disgusted conservatives out there, horrified at what is being done in their name, angered at the level of contempt and overreach and hubris among this crowd of self-serving fetid cronies in the White House. "Mayberry Machiavelli" is the nicest term being thrown around privately these days. "Felonious" is being kind. It's time to clean house, folks.

Integrity — it's the new black. Here's to a whole helluva lot more of it in the days ahead — from a few surprising places, if the rumors that I am hearing prove to be accurate in the days to come. And a whole helluva lot of cleansing sunshine. We desperately need it."

* bernhard at MofA has done some good research in Wolfowitz' girlfriend and the FreedomFoundation (or whatever) - and he notes that Billmon is occasionally commenting over at DKOS. (woohoo)

* reuters:
" One of two close aides to World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz resigned on Monday, saying turmoil at the bank over its current leadership has made it difficult for him to do his job.

The departure of Kevin Kellems is a blow in a critical week for Wolfowitz, a key architect of the
Iraq war who is now under fire for his handling of a lucrative promotion and pay raise for his companion, Shaha Riza, a Middle East expert at the bank.

Kellems, who served as an adviser to Wolfowitz from 2002 when he was U.S. deputy defense secretary and before he became World Bank president in 2005, told Reuters he was leaving to pursue other opportunities.

Kellems worked briefly for U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney as spokesman before he rejoined Wolfowitz at the World Bank in 2005 because of his experience in development issues."

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