Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Would Israelis Really Vote for the Corrupt, Decrepit Likud?

Read this article:

What I find absolutely striking is the following sentence:
"Olmert's hold on office seems steady for now. He controls a large majority in parliament, and his coalition partners are wary of doing anything that could force new elections that opinion polls say would be won by the conservative Likud Party led by hard-line former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu'"

So Israel fought an ill-conceived, ill-advised war that just about anyone with the flimsiest bit of common sense could have told the Israelis was doomed to failure. But instead of doing a little introspection and turning to the peace and left-wing parties, the Israeli people are putting their faith in a complete amoral warmonger, Netanyahu, who promises more invasions and bombings that result in the humiliation of Israel (and the United States).

That is a scary thought.

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