Saturday, May 12, 2007

scott is the best

* If can't raise enough money, they're gonna sack Scott Horton from Antiwar Radio. That would suck - scott is the best.

* mizgin:
"According to Milliyet, Rakel Dink, Akin Birdal, and Gencay Gursoy will be offered the opportunity to run as independent candidates by the Kurdish DTP. According to the same report, famed Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunc has already applied with DTP to become an independent candidate from Dersim.

Rakel Dink is the widow of Hrant Dink, who was murdered by the Deep State in January of this year. Akin Birdal, who survived an assassination attempt by the Deep State in 1998, has long been in the fight for human rights in Turkey, having served many years as the Istanbul IHD head. Gencay Gursoy is the chief of the Turkish Doctor's Union.

And so the elections become much more interesting as DTP begins to make its moves. We should know more by next week, when all shall be revealed."

* Your president speaks: "
"You know, people ask me all the time, do you enjoy being the president? And my answer is, absolutely. I love being your president. (Applause.) I like being the commander-in-chief; I enjoy being the educator-in-chief. I like talking about what we believe in, because I firmly believe the philosophy we believe in is best for America. I believe it is the type of philosophy that inspires people. I believe it's a philosophy that inherits the greatness of our economy. I believe that we are the party of the entrepreneur. I believe we're the party of the doer, the dreamer, the people that work."
the philsopherer in chief.

* OGM has a 20/20 ABC peice about some girl who is an atheism - the interviewer asks the girl, kinda incredulously, "why are you an atheist?" then sez "Nicole might be an atheist because her father is an atheist. Her father rejected the idea of a divine power long ago." Later in the segment, they have a shot of the poor girl with flames flickering in her face, like she's satan.sweet jeebus on a glowstick.

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

Let me reiterate--he isn't my president. The republican party is the party of totalitarian dictatorship, war, hate, death, unbelievable budgetary deficit, repression, backward thinking, ignorance, servile dependence, infinite crime, prisons, extermination, thievery and oppressive despotism. Any statement to the contrary is more than a lie, it's a damned, vicious lie.