Thursday, May 10, 2007

A (silent) Republican campaigning on the strengths

* nancegreggs:
"So if you see a man or woman standing utterly mute on a stage in your city or town over the next year, staring mindlessly into space, that’s not a mime – that’s just a Republican campaigning on the strengths of their party’s past performance."

* xymphora wants to know why DCMadam's court-appointed attorney is "a prominent lawyer who, if you can believe it (and I sure can!), has represented both Aldrich H. Ames and Robert P. Hanssen"

* The Hill via josh:
"One source familiar with the investigation said federal officials have given immunity to at least one senior member of DeLay’s political circle who may now be cooperating with investigators. Former associates of the majority leader say investigators are apparently attempting to indict DeLay for corruption by proving that Buckham sought to influence him with unearned payments to his wife."

* tpmm:
"Purged U.S. attorneys John McKay of Seattle and David Iglesias of New Mexico sat down with The Seattle Times today and had a lot to say.

First, they were clear that they think the various investigations -- by Congress and the Justice Department's internal watchdogs -- will result in criminal charges, whether for trying to influence criminal investigations or for lying to Congress"

* emptywheel:
"In other words, it wasn't just Mark Pryor and DiFi that the clique at DOJ pissed off with their purge. In just about every case, they seem to have pissed off the Republican Senators, too. With the possible exception of Domenici, the replacement process for USAs violated any tradition of Senatorial privilege there is, even with loyal soldiers like Bond.

To what end? That is, if the USA Purge was part of Rove's plan to ensure a permanent Republican majority, how well can that work if Senators get trampled in the process? And what is it about the plan that Rove's not even willing to share with loyal soldiers like Bond and Kyl?"

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