Friday, May 11, 2007

speak of "freedom" and "democracy" in reverent tones

* digby:
"I continue to find it ironic that those who wave the American flag with such fervor and speak of "freedom" and "democracy" in reverent tones usually reserved for sports and Jesus, are just a bunch of forelock tugging subjects at heart. If their King George hadn't turned out to be just slightly less mentally incompetent than the mad british King of the same name, our institutions might not have been able to keep this undemocratic movement from usurping our government all together. We may have gotten lucky by their extremely poor choice of both advisors and frontmen, but it makes me very nervous that they have come this close.

* drifty does everything wrong.

* glenn:
"The tactic of taking one's own views -- and then baselessly (i.e., with no empirical evidence, such as polling data) attributing them to what "Americans" believe -- has become one of the Beltway pundit's favorite, and most dishonest, manipulative weapons. And beyond being manipulative, it is what enables pundits to preen around as the Voice of Real Americans. But the disconnect between such pundits and most Americans is rooted in virtually every social, cultural, economic and political level possible, and the pundit's claim to represent "how Americans think" is as fact-free as a claim can be.

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