Sunday, May 13, 2007

the unclean rump of a dog with stomach cancer

* tristero:
"I think when we see Gonzales testify, all we're seeing is the unclean rump of a dog with stomach cancer. Sooner or later, it will start to howl in pain. My guess, though, is that while Gonzales is already a major pain in the ass to defend, he's sticking around. He won't go until the most politically expedient moment, ie when the campaign for '08 gets really serious and his resigning will ease off pressure on something else.*

That is, Gonzales will go - yes, I sincerely doubt he will stay until Bush leaves - when it helps the Republicans the most. And he knows it, certainly. The only question is whether Democrats are prepared to preempt Republicans and perform some major exploratory surgery on the Justice Department. If so, exposing the sheer extent of the cancer will make Gonzales' resignation happen on their schedule. Not the GOP's.

But when this blows up, man...It won't be pretty. Even for those of us who see no moral problem with schadenfreude when it comes to rejoicing at the comeuppance of the Bushies and the rest of the rightwing, what Gonzales has done to Justice will be so unbearably awful to behold, whatever glee we might feel will be tempered by anger that he was permitted to stay as long as he did."

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

"...unclean rump of a dog with stomach cancer..." is far too kind. "...anger that he was permitted to stay as long as he did." If anyone has an effective, quick, legitimate way to get rid of these reprehensible people, I'd sure like to hear it.