Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Waxman: "you must do the oversight"

This from Think Progress:
"Waxman explained that “you must ask the questions” and “you must do the oversight if we’re going to keep people honest, if we’re going to provide the checks and balances that our Constitution envisions.”
(Unfortunately he wasn't talking about Sibel)


Kax said...

Did Waxman say No definitely on Sibel hearings?

lukery said...

he hasnt said a thing.


noise said...

"There is an ongoing investigation."

I kid you not that was basically what one of the aides in his office told me.

steven andresen said...

Does "ongoing investigation" involve first determining the scope of what could be found or involved. Would Waxman want to know first what he was going to get into before he opened up this "can of worms"?

Maybe he has allies who might be harmed. I thought lawyers were never supposed to ask questions for which they didn't already have the answers.

lukery said...

Thanks Noise. I'm hearing that and also 'the is old news, the hearings happened years ago'


SteveA - the investigations have already taken place. All that's needed is an airing of the results...

And yep, he has allies who might get harmed. The corruption is bipartisan.