Thursday, May 31, 2007

we get feedback

priscianus jr in the comments:
I hope you will forgive me for the following comment, which I've wanted to make for a long time; I find this is as good an occasion as any.
On the other hand, you have made it clear on many occasions that you are anti-religion, full stop. It's bad and it's all the same.

Now this is your blog, and that being the case, you may write whatever you like; but for this reader, at least, your writing on anything to do with religion, totally unlike your other stuff, shows an almost complete ignorance of, not to mention lack of sympathy with, the subject. It's kind of like your hobby horse, and in my opinion (at least in the uninformed way you handle it) has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the blog. So I overlook it. But I do find it a bit painful.
I suspect that priscianus jr speaks for most of you...


Kax said...

Pas moi.

Mizgîn said...

Religion is the oldest known form of fascism.

priscianus jr said...

I suppose that's the premise for putting all the anti-religion stuff on this blog. But it's not true. Fascism is a type of pseudo-religion in which the state (and "the people") is made the idol of worship. It can masquerade more or less closely as traditional religion, as we see in both the Rapture crowd and the pseudo-Islamic fascists. There are many other forms of pseudo-religion. See e.g.

Here's just one counter example:
"At Bonn, Barth assumed leadership of those Protestants in Germany who opposed the rising National Socialist or Nazi party. After Hitler came to power, Barth served as the chief drafter of the anti-Nazi Confessing Church's Barmen Declaration (1934), a confession of faith vigorously repudiating Nazi ideology on the basis of the gospel. The following year Barth was expelled from Germany."

lukery said...

i'm an atheist (apparently i should describe myself as 'unapologetic' or 'militant'.)

i believe that 'religion' can arguably do some good.

i'd be happy to leave 'religion' to it's own devices, were it not for that the fact that policy and wars are apparently dictated/influenced by religion.

at a minimum, i argue for separation of church & state. that's not such a radical idea.