Saturday, May 26, 2007

Who are these charlatans?

Kathleen Reardon (in full):
"They're All Barely Functioning

That's the only conclusion left. The Democrats get their dander up over presidential usurpation of power then cave. Is this because they are impressive negotiators? Is it because they know that come September, as John Murtha proposes, the incapacitated President will be putty in their hands? Not based on the latest compromise of epic proportions.

This benchmark plan does nothing other than give an inept President the time he needs to put more lives at risk in a "war" void of sophisticated strategy driven only by a refusal to be wrong in the face of insurmountable evidence to that very fact.

Astute negotiation does not involve hardball followed by immediate forfeit. There are tough stages and steps between the two. The latter is a last resort scenario or else the former is merely pretense. And that's where we're left. Regrettably the Democrats have proven again that when cornered they sputter then collapse. The smirk on George Bush's face right now is evidence enough of who is the victor. He is sitting in the catbird seat feeling quite superior. And, rightly so. The Democrats who seemed to be taking him to task are, as we've so often seen before, giving him what he wants - in spades.

All this talk about how bad it looks if they don't support the troops reveals their true focus. What looks bad isn't the issue. What is bad is. These people are rich but they're ignorant. Most are political puppets of polls rather than guided by solid values. I'm sick of the lot of them. Most people I know could do better with their eyes closed. Who are these charlatans? Didn't they hear what the generals have been saying? Who is deaf now? September - give me a break!"


noise said...

Supporting Bush=supporting the troops.

Are we to believe the Democrats caved in to Bush because they believe this frame has merit? Despite years of sinister actions that contradict this notion?

Maybe Bush threatened to nuke a city if the Democrats didn't play ball. Or maybe Congress only cares what their MIC/Big Oil pals have to say.

Political analysis is difficult when key information is not in the public domain.

Kax said...

The Democratic Party died in Chicago in 1968, when the most idealistic members left and formed the Green Party. It's just taken this long for rigor mortis to set in.

The term "Democratic leadership" is an oxymoron.

lukery said...

Political analysis is difficult when key information is not in the public domain.
kerching. unless we can actually see most things... the wars, the lobbying, the tv ads. what if that's all there is?

Kax said...

What do you mean, "What if that's all there is"? Have you seen anything else besides market tested sound bites?