Sunday, June 03, 2007

Clemons sez he is a big fan of Scott

* Horton interviewed Steve Clemons. Clemons sez he is a big fan of Scott. Everyone sez that about Horton.

* Taibbi takes Giuliani apart.

* Jeralyn:
"My answer to the question as to whether Rudy is more dangerous than Bush: Of course he is. He's smarter and more Machiavellian.

A more apt question would be whether he's more dangerous than Dick Cheney. Probably not. But it's also why, happily, he won't be successful in his bid for the Presidency."

* scott interviewed Jim Lobe. Lobe says he thinks the Turks will invade conduct cross-border raids into Iraq "starting in a month or so."

* Other Horton:
"(Larry) Wilkerson’s parting comment is telling. “They are dangerous men who will lie about almost anyone or anything,” Wilkerson angrily responded by e-mail, singling out Feith, DiRita, Cheney and Rumsfeld for scorn."
* i'll be offline (my) monday

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