Tuesday, June 05, 2007

That's all folks

This blog is closed.

Please see the right hand side for links to some of my work on the Sibel Edmonds case.

I'm still working on the Sibel Edmonds case, and can be found at Let Sibel Edmonds Speak and Against All Enemies

See below this post for "What the heck is Sibel Edmonds' Case about? And why should I care?" - an overview of the case.


damien said...

My very sincere thanks Lukery for your ideas, insight and friendship. This is all a bit out of the blue. I wish you every success in whatever you are moving to. Words simply can't convey what a magnificent contribution you have made to forming people's ideas and pointing them in the right direction. I'm hoping you won't disappear from the web. My very best wishes - Damien.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog & for keeping us all up to speed on the Sibel Edmonds story. Best wishes for the future.

Kathy said...

I'm very sad to see this...I'll look for you on the new blog.

thank you for all you have done, please know that it is appreciated more than words can say.

Don said...

Well, shee-it..

WiiG4 wasn't the first blog I tripped over, nor was it a first to which I posted a comment. Once I found it (or once it sucked me in), it did become the blog on which I spent the most time, offered the most commentary, and probably ranted the most. I haven't been particularly active lately, but few days have passed where I didn't drop in to see what was new and what was happening here and in the world.

Informative, insightful, occasionally irreverent, but always entertaining, the community that grew here is unmatched in my experience. I have no doubt they'll be with me in watching the new space for developments.

Thank you, Luke, for your time and devotion to WiiG4 and it's community. Clear skies, strong winds, and smooth seas, my friend.

dqueue said...

Well, hell, I'm sorry to see you retire this blog. I do enjoy your writing. Your work on Sibel's case is unparalleled and incredibly important.

Thank you for all your time and effort. Catch you on the flipside!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your genuine efforts in reporting what you have.

The Laff said...

Very sad to read, Lukery.

You've helped bring Sibel's story to the rest of us (and, personally, introduced me to some fantastic investigative reporting).

Good luck with everything, mate. I look forward whatever it is you do next.

Thanks again.

Chris said...

I was relying on you to read all those other blogs. Damn.

Good luck, any way, whatever you do.

calipendence said...

Darn, everyone's closing up shop today it seems... DU's down for housecleaning too! I guess we'll have to do some work for a change! :)

Hope that we still can get your thoughtful insight and research on the web someplace Luke.

Kax said...

I read this very early before there were't really any comments and couldn't really believe my eyes. So, I turned off my computer and turned it on again now. I was heading bsck to CT. later today, so I was rushing and wishing it would be gone when I tuned back in.
They cancelled my flight, so I'm not so rushed now.

Say it ain't so, Luke. Your site was THE MOST fun while learning, evah. I remember when I first discovered you on the impeachment issue.

What most appealed to me was the fact that you always took the time to reply and joke with us, and disagree, etc. Other's comments tooo were tons of fun. I learned so much from you and everyone. I'm not sure I evah could have gotten a grip on the Sibel story without Luke Rlyand.

So why???? Are you going to be doing something more fun????

Will you give us a clue? I loved the feeling of the GSF, the deep blue cyber-sea, and our map, like a window on our world or an international stamp.

We just might need to form a support group to get ovah this. You were everybody's fave, hands down.


Superteemu said...

Booo! So, you've got a new gorgeous conservative girlfriend who bosses you around? :)

I was occasionally worried that you may catch some sort of bodily failure due to your workload, but now that I think about it, I'd rather chain you to your desk than let you CUT AND RUN! :( (yes, I'm kidding here)

Thanks for all your work, and please at least pop up on appropriate venues to cheer and boast if/when something extraordinary happens re: Sibel or other important issues.

And thanks to everyone else, who've made this my favourite political blog over the years.

Simon said...

I'm having trouble believing this!!! Luke - you are one of the best investigative bloggers in the entire universe. At the end of the day this is your choice. I'll support you in any choice you choose to make. Wishing you all the best for whatever comes next in your life. With all my highest regards, please take care of everything you hold dear. Simon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are closing down the site ...............I made it to canada finally ~ Please keep in touch .... I have admired what you have done . Barb

Anonymous said...

Thanks for expanding my mind.

I'll miss your perspective and wisdom.

Good luck........

steven andresen said...

live long and prosper.

noise said...

Exceptional work. One person from Australia (no less) covered the story better than the entire US media. Astonishing.

Thank you for your effort.

RONIN said...

Thanks for all your good work. Good luck to you!

lukery said...

thanks for all your kind words, everyone.

Thanks for being such a great bunch. I'll miss you all.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Wow. Hey man, I don't know what happened, but it must have been something pretty dramatic and strange. These are troubled times. Again and again I've seen writers lament and plea for the "cure for what ails us." I've thought about that. And, my thinking evolved faster reading here than anywhere else. That's pretty good, Luke, because as far as I know I'm reading the best material everywhere and anywhere.

I've been ready to try new things. Remember the story about the angel of Hudson Street? Tonight I asked her to pray for heaven to judge our country and the men who hold us in their perilous grip. If history is any measure, we will see them through the eyes of the infinite. And they may be in very serious trouble, the likes of which no impeachment or prosecution can deliver. Anything can happen now, unbelievable things made real. I have another idea, but it's just my own and I'm arguing about it with myself.

One thing I've found actually happens: even someone as obscure as I has an impact on the larger discourse. I can use a phrase or some original terminology which gets passed around very widely by people I don't know and who don't know me. Whatever made you decide to end it here, whatever else you do, don't allow yourself to be immobilized by inertia. Remember that you're considered influential, and someone to be feared by the right. But they aren't afraid of you, they're afraid of what they've done. And well they should be. Horrible and wonderful things await us all. I'll be interested in seeing what you think of all of it.

Anonymous said...


Are you going to be closing down your Sibel blogs, too ?

Has the fight to get Waxman to hold hearings been lost ?

Did you get the equivalent of a horse's head ?

Any way, the end of wotisitgood4 seems more of a loss today, than it did yesterday.

Is anyone going to be taking up the baton, particularly wrt Sibel ?

ATB, Chris.

lukery said...

Mr U - good luck with your Angel. and yep, all of us will continue to have an impact one way or other. Your comments at other blogs sure gets people thinking.

Chris - no horse head. I won't close the other blogs. I'll keep up the fight however I can - and will probably be able to focus more on Sibel's case than before.

If anyone else wants the Sibel baton, they are more than welcome to it. I'm always happy to share :-)

damien said...

"Yeah, but now we gotta go off and do our own reading and stuff instead of having you do it for us. I don't think the union will stand for it. We might have to pitch in and buy you a horse's head anyway -- with a different message."

... it's been a long road, mate. You deserve your break any way you want it. (No drugs now, hear!) All the best.

lukery said...

thnx D.

your support/contribution/friendship here has been invaluable.

i'm trying not to get too sentimental...

damien said...

You've got too many human feelings Lukery. We've got to pin a medal on your chest. The amount of stuff we would have missed if you hadn't blogged it is phenomenal. We can't fill the gap (so we'll just have to drink more). I'll write and say hello. Give yourself a good time. Put your feet up until our friends in Alaska bring us the State sponsored WW3 (coming soon, I fear - Uranus is on to it). Scotch is good.

Anonymous said...

One more thing . I have learned so very much from you ! I understand how draining all of this can be. Recharge those batteries man ! We need more people like you .....Barb

notjonathon said...

Well then, so long, Luke. It's been great reading you. But will there be anyone else to stand up for Sibel?

notjonathon said...

Sorry for the double post, but that only means I'll miss your blog twice as much. Seriously, have a nice time off--undoubtedly, you'll return to the fray with renewed energy.

lukery said...

D - there certainly has been a fair bunch of scandal that has passed through these parts in the last few years.

I miss the alaska crew, i guess they finally worked out RSS or something.

lukery said...

notjonathon - good to see you.

let's hope there are others out there who can help with sibel's case. I'm always happy to help anyone out.

I'll probably still be on the case in one way or another.

Joseph said...

Wish you wouldn't go, lukery. You can write for Cannonfire any time you want. Hell, not too long ago (and maybe not long from now) I'd have been or would be happy to let you have the damned thing.

rimone said...

having been mostly out of commission and totally diverted by my own personal shite (both good and bad), i got fws yesterday from kax and lee b and thought they were joking.

now i know they're not. and to think that this particular week, has been the only week where i haven't looked at your site here, due to time limitations and other stuff w/which i'm trying to divert myself.

i don't know what to say. i 'met' you at a very low point in my life, i believe i left my first comment here in dec 05 and it took me a few months before i finally told you what was going on in my life personally and how bad i felt.

please know that the fact you were sympathetic plus that although it took me awhile, i knew i could trust you, meant and still means the world to me. i'm kinda shocked now, actually, and bitching to myself that of all the wks i had no time really, it hadda be this one where you say bye-bye and i'm MIA.

kax: What most appealed to me was the fact that you always took the time to reply and joke with us, and disagree, etc.

EXACTLY. as well, your mails to me were very much appreciated, more than you'll ever know. and before i forget, i think you should win some kinda journalistic medal, for connecting the dots and actually making sense of Sibel's situation, making sense to dummies like me.

superteemu: Booo! So, you've got a new gorgeous conservative girlfriend who bosses you around? :)

outta my head, supert! i was gonna say the same thing.

lukery, i wish you the best of luck and hope, nah, strike that, i know you'll continue to fight the good fight. i've learnt more here than most anywhere else, thanks to your posts and those who commented on them.

still. in. shock. must. have a(nother) drink or hit the harder stuff.

i'll be watching you, i'm already at your new place and eager to learn as much as i can (some call it sucking the life out of them, i call it 'educating rimone'.)

the best of luck in whatever you do. actually i'm hoping for a book deal for you, or when Sibel's story FINALLY gets some corporate media attention (yeah, i know, i'm a hopeful moron), you'll be in the spotlight, where you belong.

thanks for EVERYTHING, especially listening to me moan in mails all during the winter of 06.


ps, the new album's coming out in september and i'll send you an mp3 of my thing (when i've got permission), a tune now called 'the klan', so you can hear my horrendous brooklyn accent which only emerges when i'm made very angry, lol.

Mizgîn said...

I am sad to see this blog come to an end, Luke.

At least leave it as an archive because there has been much valuable information here.

Yes. I am sad.


Anonymous said...


Sorry to read you are ending this blog. Your site has always been (as others said above) a great way to cover the blogosphere in one place. (Maybe we will see more of you over at TNH soon).

Keep up the great work in whatever future capacity you choose!


lukery said...

Thanks Joseph. I hope that you don't close up shop. That would be a tragedy.

lukery said...

Rimone - thanks, and thanks for being around these parts the last however long.

Am looking fwd to the album :-)

lukery said...

Mizgin - thanks. I'm kinda sad too.

I was thinking about deleting the whole thing - but occasionally people come around these parts looking for Sibel-related stuff, so i'll keep it up.

lukery said...

pdaly, good to see you and thanks.

I usually read the comments over at TNH but you are all way too smart for me to offer much comment. I occasionally make a Sibel-related comment here and there.

Kax said...

I'm feeeling like the little kid in the movie Shane....

Come baaaaack, Luuuuuuke.

Kax said...

Seriously, Luxoxoxoxo,

You know how some towns have Old Soldiers and Sailors Homes for old vets who have no relatives or homes?

Maybe while you are off on sabbatical, molting into your new, bound to be mythical rising from the ashes, waters or ethers, you could turn it into Luke's Old Place, for Old Bloggers who have no relatives or homes, and let a crew of GSFer run the LukeStar for a bit, like when you were on vacation?

Then, we lost CyberCitizens can keep up the 24/7 Watch. Sort of like parents going on vacation and letting the kids take care of the house. You could do spot checks and tell us to be good.


On an album... how fun!!!! We missed Your Wittiness. Good to see you back, if only to say


Don, Damien... I think I promised a long time ago to look up the date of the Night of the
Sicilian Vespers. It's March 30, 1282. The Pope gave the Island of Sicily to Charles of
Anjou, brother of Louis IX of France. The natives, Siculs and Sicans, to be precise, got restless and rose up, ridding Sicily of Frenchmen. Hence the birth of the MAFIA, which stands for their saying that night. Morta Alla Francia, Italia Anella. Death to the French, Italy's desire.

The Italian trial of the CIA Agents involved in the extraordinary rendition of a Muslim from Italy begins and enlightens. Maybe the Italian gov't is going to rid their country of Busholinism.

Oh for the Niger Forgery Tale to come to full vision. Mama mia, speecy, spicey black balls.

Okay, I confesss, I'm having withdrawals, guys.

rImone said...

Kax, my.../wittiness/? thank you for saying but i believe i have a more exact word --- moronacy. then again, sometimes i felt like the Fool in old royal palaces, s/he who can say whatever s/he damn well pleases cause s/he's only a fool and can get away w/whatever.

re the new Alabama 3 album (A3 in the States): one of the last times i was here every day (over a month ago, right before NYC, i'd been going on and on about it; was all excited about being on it.

but i was fooled into doing it cause they recorded me w/o my knowlege (after i made it clear that as an American i refused to take part in anything sounding the least bit like 'country' thanks to bu$hCo co-opting the genre (apart from Steve Earle, the dixie chicks and a very few others). lead singer dude Reverend Larry Love (Rob) was winding me up to get me angrier and angrier, asking me what i thought of the KKK. i thought he was crazy, i mean, knowing me, what the hell did he think i thought?

he did such a good job that my Brooklyn accent really came out (only happens when i'm furious). it's taken me awhile but now i actually dig what they sampled as Rob finally listened to reason and cut out most of my verbal barrage. and he left in my fave bit: talking about public school and being taught about democracy only to find out years later what bullshit we were taught to swallow.

after recording me raving, i mean, explaining the above, he ended my little contribution at the point i shouted 'FUCK THAT!' lol

back to Lukery and WIIG4, i'm w/Kax (for a change): i'm suffering withdrawals and much sadness and wish to fuck i'd made the time to be here every day, as i used to do.

bah...i just hope you, Lukery, are fine and moving on to bigger and better things. same goes to everyone else i've read here, met here and/or talked to in mails and/or met in meatspace (i'm looking at you SuperTeemu and i'm sorry i failed on my end of our communications but that was about the point when the hospital and my GP got on my ass to do something about what they thought/told me i had.

anyway, to alla youse; all your commentary and guest posts especially Luke's own, although i didn't understand them all, added to my knowledge base and helped me muchly, more than i can say.

onwards, upwards and slideways, people and keep on fighting the good fight. :-)

much love to y'all especially Luke, LeeB, Kax, Uranus (urs not mine) and SuperT; i've learnt so much here it's incredible.

shit...it's over. i do so hope i'm wrong. *still suffering shock over here*

Anonymous said...

Lukery, I think you are being too modest. I do know emptywheel mentioned you by name in the acknowledgements of her book Anatomy of Deceit!


lukery said...

Kax - sorry to hear that you are doing it hard... I'm having some withdrawal myself... but, nope, WIIG4 is frozen.

Rimone - that's hysterical about the recording, and sorry 'bout the shock.

lukery said...

Pdaly, i only recently read AofD and was very flattered to get a shoutout.

I'll comment over there when i have something to say - but a lot of it is too deep in the weeds for me to contribute much. The threads there have so much amazing information/knowledge, i love reading them.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I make them think; unfortunately, all they usually think is, "who the hell is that guy?" In the comments to this post, for example, I warn them of the imminent threat of global nuclear obliteration. Clearly they don't think it's likely or even possible. They also don't think the Bush administration has thought about it! Hell yes they've thought about it; but, the error in their thinking is that (1) the damage will be isolated, and (2) big blocks of people will survive. Ah, our fine, old world heritage of hate, war and religious oppression. Marvel at how beautiful the earth is, and think about a bright and hopeful future. I'm sorry for all the trouble America has caused. I regret it with all my heart. I'll keep trying to stop them.

priscianus jr said...

In a recent comment (one of my few), I said this was one of the best blogs there is, and I meant it. The depth of your dedication to the task makes it obvious that, whatever your reasons for giving it up, the decision was not taken lightly. I wish you all success, and may you find what you need ...

lukery said...

priscianus jr - thanks for your kind words.

i'll keep fighting the good fight, just differently.

lukery said...

I got an email from oldschool who whas been having trouble posting of late for some technomological reasons.

He writes: "Since i still can't post - could you maybe give, for me, an au revoire to the rest of the gang?"

rImone said...

i was wondering what happened to oldschool; amongst the others i listed above, his comments et al. taught me a lot.

oldschool, Uranus, Don, Superteemu, Simon, KAX, LeeB (et al.) y'all still have my addy. use it if/whenever you want, i've talked to and learnt from so many excellent people over here but in meatspace, 'only' met Simon and Superteemu (so far) and talked many times w/Lee B when in the States in april.

call me naive but i still hold out the hopes that the WIIF4 Global Strike Force will go on and some day, somehow, we might all be able to hook up in meatspace to (hopefully) make a joint and very successful statement. naturally, i also hope that by the time we can all get our asses in gear, any anti-bu$hCo statement won't be needed as their asses will already have been dragged off to the World Court.

ahhhhh...a grrl can dream, can't she? and those who know me know i do. still waiting for that pendulum to begin its swing back to reality but i wanna give it a little push so it'll happen faster (while i'm still coherent and have most of my faculties).

i shall keep y'all informed (those of you i've addys) as to when i'm going back again to do my little thing (the one that began w/the T-shirts and Koran). and thanks to Chris and Mark, i've got a few other ideas as well, after brainstorming w/them last weekend. some of their ideas would so imprison me before my feet touched American soil, but then again, the entire idea will prolly get me into BIG trouble. LOL, prison, 'big' trouble, what's the dif?

if my own personal health thing keeps going the way it appears, then all i can say to any thoughts of imprisonment is 'big whoop', as all their efforts to shut me up will be futile and i won't be long in their little camps for political subversives or whatever. *to self* i just know there's a law that contradicts the fact that we, the people, are paying for these things, just like i know there's a law that states the preznit shouldn't be flying hither and thither campaigning for rethugs on OUR dime, using out tax money. but what do i know?

obligatory 'fuck bu$hCo' goes here.

love to y'all and once again, THANK YOU, LUKE. xxxxxxxx

LeeB said...

Mebbe we should set up a GSF Message Board so we can stay in touch. Been thinking about that ever since I heard the news. My computer is finally assembled back in it's regular home, connected to the internets and the googles via a brand spanking new 50% faster DSL modem, so who knows . . . maybe I'll do it myself and post a link here in case any of the rest of you are having as much trouble with the withdrawal as I am.

A huge question, though, is whether or not it will be able to hang together without the best damned 'hub' (read: "Lukery") in the universe.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Yeah, reading the news without Luke is less fun. And, have you noticed how Washington craziness has multiplied exponentially? The assertion Bush and Cheney aren't part of the executive branch is true pulp comic baloney! It makes me wish Luke had postponed retiring this site; but, current events can get redundant, and stomachs will turn. It happens. I have an MSN group and an MSN space we could use. I don't look at them much. I don't think Rimone likes MSN. Revelations that Google is no bastion of online privacy raises issues about blogger. You might like a blog, however. I thought about setting one up. Janet said she'd write for it. I'm tossing that around. Wordpress is a free download and hosting they recommend is only $7 a month. That's not bad. I'm far less serious about news commentary than most bloggers, there being so many better writers and my having a tendency to disgust and frighten readers.

Does anyone like any of that? No pressure! This is the first time in the past three years I've not put myself in the position of posting the dismal news of today's politics, and it's pretty good.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Or, you can just go here. Problem solved.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Any of you guys who would like posting privilege on that site may have it. All I need to know is where to send the invitation. I can't promise we will save the world. But, we will try.

lukery said...

thnx Mr U.

LeeB said...

Indeed! Thank you, Mr. U.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

You're more than very welcomed. It's the least I can do. I just fixed the color scheme so the page looks a little better. I was having trouble reading it, and tweaking my monitor adjustment didn't help. My news reading isn't stellar, but I'll try to touch on a few of the high points, and promise to demonstrate my disdain for the neoconservative vision by the use of arbitrarily offensive language (hee).

All of you regulars should join the contributor list. Please let me know your e-mail address: i_am_uranus@hotmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Oh man Lukery, that's too bad. Sorry to see you go. Now who will be the spokesman for the limited hangout left gatekeeper Sibel Edmonds? Maybe she can start her own blog and call it "I'm Really Not A Left Gatekeeper... Really!.. Seriously!.. Stop Laughing".

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