Saturday, June 02, 2007

This Is How I Protest The War

* clemons:
"There are a lot of new good people -- working together finally -- in this administration. But Vice President Cheney, and his national security spearcarriers -- David Addington, John Hannah, and David Wurmser -- will be out there to sabotage and oppose him at every turn. These rivals can't be seduced to support David Gordon's logic. They need to be out run, embarrassed, exhausted, pushed out of the room, or crushed.

That's how one wins against Cheney's followers. David Gordon's appointment is a sign that smart realists are ascendant."

* Henry Rollins - "This Is How I Protest The War" (10 mins)

* Mizgin has a letter from a soldier. go read.

* your president speaks:
"Sometimes I'm not poetic enough to describe what it's like to be in the presence of the Holy Father. It is a moving experience. And I have not been in the presence of this particular Holy Father."


Anonymous said...

I am a constant Clemons reader...and some time ago Steve got very "concerned" and had an awakening about just what we are dealing with in the neos.

If a die hard diplomat and insider like Steve says yes, some good people are put in, but we still need to "crush" Cheney&Co...then you can multipy the meaning of crush by about a thousand times.

lukery said...


separately, for some reason, many of us DFHs worked out that there were serious problems a long time before 'die hard diplomats' did.

profmarcus said...

i echo that observation about steve clemons... sometimes, he's so damned determined to be "reasonable," "moderate," and "bipartisan" that i've sometimes felt he wouldn't say "shit" if he was up his eyeballs in it... so, i completely agree, for him to be saying what he's saying about cheney is definitely worth taking note of... let's hope he can infect a few others in the power structure with that same sense of urgency... i've felt for quite some time now that we are approaching a real crisis moment, but i have no idea what that might look like, and i also have the feeling that i don't WANT to know...