Wednesday, August 24, 2005

blaming zarqawi

* heres michael crowley discussing the abramoff/delay/russian-arms-dealer thing that i mentioned yesterday

* its amazing that pat robertsons "assassinate chavez" comments are getting so much attention - both from politicians and the media. how odd. (even tho it took more than 24 hours). in fact, the media is actively trying to call him a kook (even though the administration only seems to be half-denying it. for years ive been saying that venezuela is toast. i wonder if robertsons comments were pre-authorised? probably not.

* they are now blaming zarqawi for the failed jordan missile attacks: "“We would like to tell you that we delayed claiming this attack so that our brothers could complete their withdrawal ... and they returned safely to their base," (the statement) said." (link)
thats a new spin.

* " A man claiming to be a former member of U.S. military special forces was arrested on Monday for plotting to blow up a federal office in Seattle.
Charles Whitaker, 53, was arrested by federal officers, who also seized bomb-making materials as well as guns, ammunition and a hand grenade from a storage locker that Whitaker rented, the Federal Protective Service said." (link)
how could you possibly write this article without using the word "terrorist"?

* "There was additional controversy about the possible existence of surveillance tapes that could have recorded Menezes entering the Stockwell subway station. According to published reports, police removed the equipment on July 21, after the failed bomb attack. But several newspapers, citing unidentified sources, have reported that the surveillance camera equipment was working and had been turned over to police." (link)
why is the wapo publishing this today? dont we know this to be false?

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Postman said...

The Wapo story had this headline ..
"London Police Modify Story"

Now they could have used that headline could many many more papers every day since July 22nd... incidentally the day before Condi met Abbas and tried to re-assure him over 13 grievances he had about the "disengagement", use of Ashdod port, Tel Aviv Airport, border crossings, work in Israel...all of which have been totally 100 completely fucking ignored, bt Sharon , the press, anyone who is the slightest bit fucking interested.